Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells from Microgaming is a slot machine with 3 reels and 5 lines. Christmas is a magical time when there are lots of treats in the house and presents under the tree. The melody of Jingle Bells can often be heard at this time. The chime of Christmas bells creates a festive mood.
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Special symbols and paylines
The slot machine features wild, scatter and main symbols.

The wild looks like the traditional Christmas bell after which the game is named. The Wild symbol substitutes for any image and combinations of many wild symbols allow you to win big bonuses. In addition, in a slot machine Jingle Bells bell also serves as a scatter symbol, bringing the winnings in any appearance on the reels. The calculation of winnings in this case is the same as for the main scatter symbol.

The main scatter is a traditional Christmas decoration, the holly berry. Playing any scatter on the reels will return a win, one will simply return your line bet, two will multiply by 2 and three will multiply by 10. If a scatter appears on the intersection of two lines, the winnings on each line are counted separately and added together.

Master symbols win if they line up in a row of 3 on any of the lines you have bet:

• any symbols including BAR – x4;
• BAR – x20;
• 2BAR – x50;
• 3BAR – x100;
• Sevens – x300.

The amount of winnings per spin appears in the Win window. Also winning lines are highlighted on the playing reels, and the sidebar shows which combination allowed you to win.
Note that according to the rules of the machine only one winning combination on a line is paid out. If there are two or more winning combinations within one line, the one that gives the maximum bonus is paid out.

Bonus features
The classic Jingle Bells slot is not rich in bonuses: they are only represented by jackpots for forming winning lines from wild symbols:

• 1 line – x1000;
• 2 lines – x2000;
• 3 lines – x3000;
• 4 lines – x4000;
• 5 lines – x6000.

The Jingle Bells online slot machine contains no complicated mechanics, but still allows you to get a solid win through jackpots.