Irish Charms

Irish Charms

Try your luck in Pragmatic Play's classic Irish Charms game. Reach for the pot of gold at the edge of the rainbow. The addictive gameplay with big payouts and great bonuses will hold your attention for a long time. Irish Charms is a slot with 3 reels, 3 rows, 3 paylines and special Wild symbols. Experience Irish folklore and come back with some good winnings.
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Theme and Graphics
Irish Charms is a very fascinating retro game, made according to all the canons of traditional slot machines. There isn’t any backdrop, but visually the slot looks very appealing. Separately, it is worth noting the excellent soundtrack that will not let you get bored, as well as a handy control panel under the reels. Thanks to excellent optimization, you only need a web browser to run, and the slot opens instantly and doesn’t slow down. If you’re looking for a classic game with high volatility, Irish Charms is your choice. This game is great for any type of gambler, and best of all for fans of retro slots.

Gameplay and Paylines
The Irish Charms reels are filled with symbols such as the seven, a pot of gold, a horseshoe, a clover, a leprechaun’s hat and a glass of beer. The seven is the highest paying symbol in the game. For a line of these icons you can get 6,000 coins. The next highest valued symbol is the pot of gold which can bring you up to 200 coins. Next come the horseshoe and clover: up to 50 and 25 coins respectively. The fifth and sixth icons on the paytable are the leprechaun’s hat and a beer glass, which pay out up to 15 and 10 coins. You can also win 5 coins for any number of horseshoes, hats or clovers and 3 and 2 coins for 2 and 1 glass of beer respectively. You can bet between 3 and 30 coins on each spin in this game.
In Irish Charms, you’ll have 3 active lines, giving you a good chance of making winning combinations on each spin. To get your payout, you need to catch 3 symbols in one of the lines.
Pay attention to the seven, which is the best symbol in Irish Charms. Combinations with it can bring you up to 6,000 coins.
RTP : 96.96%

Special Symbols and Bonuses
There are no themed prize rounds here. Only the joker payout rules can be considered bonus. Three sevens on the first line brings one thousand coins. If the combination is formed on the second line, the payout is three thousand. And a similar chain on the third position gives six thousand game chips.
A wooden mug of foaming beer, a green leprechaun cylinder, a four-leaf clover, a golden horseshoe, a pot of coins and sevens appear on the slot screen.

• Cylinders, clover and horseshoes ways form mixed sequences.

• Cups are scatters, paying even one at a time when they appear in any position on the screen.

• Sevens act as jokers, replacing other symbols and forming combinations on their own.

There are no free spins in Irish Charms.