Heads Or Tails

Heads Or Tails

Slot machine Heads Or Tails from Playtech offers to guess which side of the coin will fall. User can flip 1 or 2 coins. The slot has the opportunity to flip a coin from one to three times in a row. Heads Or Tails feature is that the RTP varies depending on the selected game mode from 93.75% to 95%.
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Game Rules and Control Panel
The main task of the player in Heads Or Tails is to guess how a coin or several coins will land. Before the first toss, you can bet on the toss, using the “-” and “+” switches on the control console. In the trial version of the machine can not change the bet, it is fixed at 0.10 credits.
Next, you should choose how many coins to flip – one or two. To do this, use the keys 1x and 2x. Depending on the number of coins appears a menu of choices – will fall heads or tails. For one coin – only heads or only tails, for two coins – double menu. The choice of coin side determines the payout if the prediction was correct.
The last setting item Heads Or Tails is the number of flips.
Flip x1 – one flip, the player either wins or loses;
Flip x2 – two throws, if the first was unsuccessful – the bet is lost; if the first was successful and the second was not, the bet is lost;
Flip x3 – three throws. If one of them is unsuccessful, no matter which one, the bet burns.
The more rolls selected, the higher the reward for the guessed sides will be.

Payouts on the Heads Or Tails 
The payout for guessing the side of a coin is affected not only by the bet or the number of coins, but also by the number of throws in one round.
Payout ratios for one coin:
1 roll – 1.9;
2 rolls – 3.8;
3 rolls – 7.5.
For two coins, payout odds are significantly higher if either two heads or two tails are selected:
1 roll – 3.8;
Two rolls – 15;
3 rolls – 60.
For two coins with a choice of both heads and tails the odds are the same as for one coin: 1 roll – 1.9, 2 rolls – 3.8, 3 rolls – 7.5.
As noted earlier, for different numbers of coins in the game and the choice of sides, the theoretical percentage of return to the player (RTP) changes. One coin game: one or more wins – 95%; two or more wins – 95%; three or more wins – 93.75%. The same RTP and for two coins with a bet on different sides of the coin.
In case of betting on two heads or two tails RTP: one or more wins – 95%; two or more wins – 93.75%; three or more wins – 93.75%.