Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold

Interest in the otherworldly and unexplored is a natural phenomenon. It's what Ghouls Gold's aesthetics are based on, offering everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in a mysterious and enigmatic aesthetic and to make a fortune at the same time.
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Graphics and artwork
The game is designed in the best traditions of stories about ghosts and other other otherworldly creatures. Ghouls Gold evokes the same associations with Halloween: the same combination of mystical aesthetics and ironic banter. The ghosts, for example, have an amusing rather than intimidating appearance. The game has a user-friendly interface and intuitive menus. The structure is also quite simple: 3 reels and 3 winning lines. Spin button is used to start the reels, to determine the line bet – Bet per Lines. Ghost Gold is a slot machine with a very exciting gaming storyline. Graphics is at the highest level, and the sound perfectly complements the mystical atmosphere. In general, the software component is implemented perfectly. Ghouls Gold is fun, enjoyable and easy to play.

Game Features
You can bet one to five coins per line. Using the Hold button, you can activate the hold feature, which allows you to significantly increase your winnings. Ghouls Gold, like many others, has its own wild symbol, the appearance of which allows you to form a winning combination on one of the lines. In Ghouls Gold this role is played by the image of gold coins. In order to hit the jackpot, a combination of three bags of money must be collected. Most of the symbols used in Ghouls Gold are completely consistent with its basic aesthetic: bats, a mysterious haunted house, a ghost, a pot of potion. This makes the slot quite authentic and original. Three ghost images trigger the bonus game mode, during which you have to be attentive and quick to react, catching the ghosts on the screen in time. Each of them hides a different amount of winnings. There are no bonus spins in Ghouls Gold, but this is not a disadvantage, as there are plenty of opportunities to win. The slot is connected to the progressive jackpot system, which allows you to become the owner of a truly fantastic winnings. The game is quick and addictive, making the time pass by quickly and, of course, fun. Among the variety of slots from BetSoft, Gold of Ghosts is one of the most popular, thanks to the combination of originality and simplicity.

The game Ghost Gold is a great example of the fact that contact with the otherworld is not always associated with fear. Sometimes it can be the cause of considerable profit and, accordingly, the most positive emotions.