Gems Odyssey

Gems Odyssey

Real magic with a dash of gems is at work on the playing field of the online slot Gems Odyssey from developer Microgaming. If you prefer a simple slot machine online for free, take a peek into the world of Gems Odyssey for a very positive experience. All the features, characteristics and game rules of Gems Odyssey will be revealed below.
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Theme and Gameplay
One of the main trends in the development of gambling is considered by experts to be the growing popularity of gambling games based on the skills of users (skill based games). This opinion is confirmed by the release of Gems Odyssey, which appeared in online casinos on the Quickfire platform (Microgaming).
The Skillz Gaming studio is played in the style of a popular computer game where you try to collect points by destroying chains of similar elements. The more successful you are, the bigger the payout will be.
The first distinguishing feature of this video slot is its simplicity. If you have ever collected balls of the same colour in a row of three, you can certainly cope with the game Odyssey Gems. The principle is intuitive – click on groups of three or more stones arranged vertically, horizontally and even in blocks.
The second feature of the slot Odyssey of Gems is its striking design and fairy-tale decoration. It’s easy to feel like a treasure collector when you play Gems Odyssey. The music is very melodic and gentle, which helps to set the mood for the gameplay.

Gameplay and Paylines
The playing field of Gems Odyssey consists of twenty-five cells. They are filled with different coloured gems.
The aim of the game is to accumulate the maximum number of points. They are awarded for continuous sequences of pictures of the same type.
The bet is taken per round. The range is from fifty cents to twenty dollars.
Gems Odyssey features six base pictures, a bonus symbol, a level system, prize features, a fixed jackpot and other features.
The payable combination is made up of three icons that touch each other vertically or horizontally. If the game is played manually, they must be clicked with the mouse cursor. Then the stones disappear. In their place fall above and new symbols.
Each collected item adds one point to your counter. Seven points brings a payout and takes the game to the next level. The winnings are calculated by multipliers from x0.2 to x10. These are multiplied by the current bet.
The round ends when there are no available moves. There is no equal odds risk play.

Special symbols
There are six basic pictures in Gems Odyssey. These are gems of different shapes and colours.

Special symbols are also involved:

• Nebula Stones (crystals) by exploding chains of crystals, you collect them in your inventory. When advancing to the next level, the accumulated Nebula Stones bring bonuses. The crystals come in four varieties: common, rare, epic and mythical (listed in ascending order of value).

• Jackpots (sevens) are used to draw jackpots. Get a string of these symbols to earn an extra payout.

Bonus Games
There are several types of rewards available in Gems Odyssey:

• Leveling Up – You need to collect a certain number of points to get to the next level. These are accumulated for winning chains from all draws. If there are Nebula Stones in your inventory when you change levels, they bring bonus payouts. Their amount is determined by the stake and the value of the crystals (maximum multiplier x100).

• Jackpot Feature – A chain of three or more Jackpot symbols will win one thousand bets (x1000).

• Second Chance Feature – On any losing spin you may receive a ‘second chance’. The stones will change to new stones for free. The game is then played by the general rules.