Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail

Slot machine Fruit Cocktail is one of the most famous and once popular games produced by Igrosoft, without which at one time did not do any slot hall. That's just among the people this machine was better known under the name Strawberry. This is because this berry is the main character in it, and it was depicted under the drums of the slot.
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Theme and Gameplay
The Strawberry online game is elementary to use, although it may take some time to get to grips with the principles of credit accrual in the bonus game. Otherwise, this machine is no different from most slots produced by “Igrosoft”.
Needless to say, the graphics look extremely outdated by today’s standards, and the soundtrack is annoying, if not irritating. It also has a long wait for the big winnings to migrate to the main account.
Strawberry is a typical Igrosoft machine with five reels and nine lines, each of which you can bet twenty-five credits. There is a wild symbol, a doubling game and a bonus game. A payable combination must include three of the same symbols in a row. One of the symbols must be on the first or fifth reel. The maximum payout of 5000 bets is provided for five FRUIT COCKTAIL logos on one line.

Secrets and strategies
There are a few tricks that allow you to win at the Fruit Cocktail video slot machine. Of course, there is no strategy that will calculate randomly falling out on the reels of the prize combos, but with an increase in your bet, you can expect to win big prizes. There are also a few nuances:

• The bonus game is a very high chance of winning with extremely attractive odds. Of course, it is not possible to play the bonus round after every spin.

• In the risk game, it is not advisable to use large virtual sums, it is better to use small, increasing them to substantial amounts. It is always worth seeing what number will fall to the dealer, because if it is a very low denomination, the probability of success will increase dramatically. Always check the risk play, don’t participate if the dealer card is big, and take your chances if it’s small.

Bonus game
The Bonus game is triggered when three strawberry symbols appear on the field. If you are lucky enough to get four scatter symbols, the number of attempts will increase to two, and on a roll of five, it will increase to three.
When the bonus is activated, three images appear in the middle of the field, which determine the potential multiplier factor. Once triggered, the cursor begins to highlight the cells lined up around the perimeter of the field one by one to randomly select one of them. If it coincides with any of the 3 main pictures, the gambler gets a piece equal to the bet, multiplied by the value. By the way, the highest multiplier is x100 and it corresponds to the slot machine logo cell.