Four By Four

Four By Four

Get ready to collect the same symbols in Microgaming's arcade puzzle game, Four by Four. This awesome game has a very addictive gameplay. It has exciting bonus features and big payouts. You'll have a huge number of opportunities to win thanks to the drop symbol feature. Four by Four is a slot with 4 reels, 3 rows as well as Wild, free spins and a bonus. Get ready to unlock all the secrets of this exciting game and pick up some nice winnings.
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Theme and graphics
Four by Four once again demonstrates the creativity of the developers at Microgaming. This is a unique slot with unusual gameplay: instead of the standard 5×3, it uses a 4×4 playing field. The reels themselves are on the left side of the screen, and on the right you will see a payout table that tells you about possible winnings, as well as bonus features. Also worth highlighting is the excellent soundtrack, much of which will make you want to play more and more. Four by Four is perfectly optimised: the game loads almost instantly and runs without any problems. You don’t need any additional software, you only need a web browser. If you’re looking for an unusual and exciting slot with medium variance, be sure to check out Four by Four. It will work equally well for beginners and experienced players alike.

Gameplay and Paylines
On the Four by Four playing field a variety of coloured shapes are waiting for you: a star, a cross, a plus sign, a circle and a rhombus. They all pay out different winnings. The best symbol is the star. For it, you can get 5X of your total bet. Next comes the circle, 3X of your bet, and the lowest paying ones are the rhombus, plus and cross, for which you can win 0.2X to 1X of your bet. Before you start the game, you’ll need to place a bet. This is done by using the -/+ buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can bet between 0.10 and 50 coins per round. Once you have decided on your stake, you can start playing with the ‘Play’ button.
In Four By Four there are no classic winning lines like in other slots. Here you have to catch the same symbols in either vertical or horizontal rows. Catching 4 icons in a row will pay out.
Stars are the best symbols in this game. For a row of these icons you will get 5X of your bet.
RTP : 96.87%

Bonus nudges game with Free Nudges
This is activated by four Bonus nudges symbols on the virtual slot field. The player has the ability to shift the horizontal row or vertical column 4 times to any side to get a bonus combination.
Payouts for combinations in this bonus are multiplied by a factor of 10. When a winning combination is formed, all other unused shift opportunities are reduced. After that, the credits received are transferred to the current account and the game is automatically closed.

Free plays prize round with freespins
The Free Spins round is a 4 round free spins round. This is triggered by four free plays symbols in the main game.
During the freespins, 4 wild symbols will be fixed in the corners of the playing field. This star placement principle increases the probability of forming multiple prize combinations and thus a large number of new symbols being drawn during a single spin.
Round with free symbol generation involves adding 4 additional freespins on a repeat of the free plays icons. There is also an option to trigger the Free Nudges cell shift bonus. At the end of the game all the accumulated funds will be transferred to the main user account.
Four by Four is a free slot machine with unique image generation, a cascading symbol drop system, a unique bonus that allows you to shift rows and columns to get a winning combination, and a prize round with freespins.