Flying Ace

Flying Ace

Take to the skies in a real aircraft in Microgaming's classic Flying Ace slot. Learn how to pilot in this retro game and go for the big winnings in an adventure filled with fun and adrenaline. Flying Ace is a slot with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 win lines as well as the Wild symbol. Get ready to show off your flying skills and win some great prizes.
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Theme and graphics
This time, Microgaming invites you back to the days of casino gaming halls and classic slot machines. The game’s reels are located on the left side of the screen, and on the right is a payout table showing how much you can win for a line of certain symbols. At the bottom are the bet control buttons, ‘Bet One’ and ‘Bet Max’, as well as the spin button. The game is well optimised, with Flying Ace loading instantly and running without any brakes. You don’t need to download any software, just a web browser. If you’re looking for an interesting retro game, be sure to check out this slot. It is equally suitable for beginners and experienced players.

Gameplay and Paylines
In Flying Ace Microgaming, as usual, offers players a wide range of possible bets. Using the -/+ buttons found at the bottom of the screen you can change the number of coins from 1 to 5, as well as the value of a coin from 0.25 to 5. If you want to go straight to the maximum bet, you can use the ‘Max Bet’ button. As for the game symbols, you’ll find a pilot, a blond girl sitting on the wing of a plane, the game logo (a red ‘A’) and ‘BAR’ icons. So, for a line of three blondes you can win 300 coins. And the lowest paying symbol is the game logo – for 1 icon you get 1 coin. The most expensive symbol in Flying Ace is the pilot. If you manage to collect the entire screen of these icons, you can win 6,000 coins.
In Flying Ace you’ll have 5 win lines, giving you plenty of chances to pick winning combinations on each spin. You have to catch at least one ‘A’ symbol to get your payout.
Pay special attention to the pilot, he is the best symbol in Flying Ace. For 5 lines of these icons you can get 6,000 coins.

Standard symbols and odds
There are five standard symbols used in the slot:

• the letter A – the ace card symbol;
• BAR lettering – one, two and three words in one symbol;
• the girl in the background of the target.

However, there are more than five combinations of these symbols. They bring the following winnings:

• an ace, one coin;
• two aces, two;
• three BARs, four;
• three aces – 10;
• three BARs with one word – 20;
• three BAR inscriptions with two words – 50;
• three BAR inscriptions with three words – 100;
• three girls – 300 coins.

The picture in this slot does not always stop exactly on the payline. Imitating the effect inherent in a real slot machine, sometimes the image does not reach the line, and stops as if between them. In this case, not three symbols appear on the reel entirely, but two or even one. In practice, this option increases the number of symbols and reduces the chances of the user collecting a prize combination.

Bonus features
In Flying Ace, Microgaming, in addition to the exciting base game, also offers a bonus feature that adds variety to the gameplay. This is the Wild symbol, which replaces all other symbols. With his help, you will be much easier to make winning combinations. The Wild, represented by the pilot, is also the highest paying symbol in the game. Other than that, Flying Ace is a classic retro game. There are no separate bonus rounds, free spins or Scatter’s as in most other modern slots. The gameplay is uncomplicated and the payouts are good.