Diamonds Of Fortune

Diamonds Of Fortune

It’s time to sparkle with this 5 reel online slot uk that brings four mystery bonus features plus the chance to win a progressive jackpot prize. Play Diamonds of Fortune to match three, four or five of the same symbol along a pay line. Bank a win when those symbols line up without interruption.
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How do I play the Diamonds of Fortune machine? (Interface)
When we tested the slot machine without registration, its interface has not been translated into Russian. So our explanation will be useful to beginners casino customers:

 • Start – start a new round
 • Gamble – start the game on odds
 • Bet – selecting bet size
 • Autoplay – start autoplay mode
 • Paytable – view odds table
 • Help – start help section
 • Exit – exit game
 • Credit – amount on the game account
 • Last Win – last payout

Under the drums there is an information line with tips.
Betting is taken immediately for the round, as the number of lines remains unchanged at all times. The current jackpot amount is indicated under the video slot name.
The options allow you to adjust the size and proportions of the screen, mute the sound and make a number of other changes.
In addition to the odds, the payout table deals with the general rules and the line layout. The reference section offers much more important data about the model.
Casinos do not force customers to download the Diamonds of Fortune slot machine. It works in flash mode directly on the website and in a mobile version for smartphones.

Bonus games
The Diamonds of Fortune video slot has a so-called Mystery Bonus. It can be triggered after any of the spins of the reels that do not yield a payout. One of the following varieties is randomly determined:

• Fast Forward – The reels will spin until at least one combination is formed.
• Rewind – The reels will spin in the opposite direction until a combination is formed.
• Domino Symbol – One of the symbols starts moving around the screen, stopping at different pictures on the way. They will turn into their counterparts.
• All Symbols Pay Scatter – Pictures become scatters and are paid regardless of their location on the reels.

Read more about each type of bonus round in the help section.

The video slot can’t help but be attracted by the rules for forming combinations. However, despite the lack of attachment to the first reel, there aren’t too many winning chains. Bonus rounds are also interesting and profitable. The most gamblers will be interested in the progressive jackpot. It can be really big.