Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams provides an easy-going slot playing experience with no special effects, flashing lights, or frills. Betsoft has designed this game to closely resemble a fruit machine, complete with digital slot coin, to bring together its nostalgic look.
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How to play Diamond Dreams
Diamond Dreams has just four active controls, which adds to its simplicity. Players can bet between 0.01 and 1.00 credits by clicking on the red box in the bottom left corner before spinning. When the game first loads, attention is immediately drawn to the large arrow that directs players to click on that box to place an initial bet.

By tapping the Bet One control, players can set the number of paylines they wish to include per spin. The physical lines will highlight how different combinations work on the reels. Players can select variations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. The spin button becomes available once the bet and paylines are set, or the Bet Max button can be pressed instead if the player wants to make a higher bet.

Any winnings are clearly displayed to players after each spin by a flashing arrow above the reels which indicates the winning combinations and their value. All the different possible combinations and the value of the wild symbol are clearly displayed above the reels to help players understand how much they could potentially win per spin.

Bonus Features for Diamond Dreams

While there are no particular bonus rounds or features in Diamond Dreams, the large, slightly tilted diamond symbol works as the wild. When this diamond appears on the reels, any active payouts from that spin are immediately doubled.
To offer slightly more than a traditional slot machine, Diamond Dreams will pay out when a combination of one bell, one cherry, and one seven symbols appear across a payline, giving players a little bit more incentive to steadily build their pot on each spin.

Compatibility of Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams can be played online and does not require a download. It can be accessed on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as Android, iOS, or tablet devices.
With just a small amount of paylines and betting credits available, huge payouts are unlikely for players of Diamond Dreams. But it’s the simplicity that makes this game appealing. The lack of graphics, and even the ability to slowly build a decent pot over time, create the traditional slot playing experience which can provide a nice break from the heart-racing nature of more advanced online slot games.