Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey

This is one of the oldest slots from Igrosoft. The point of playing Crazy Monkey slot is to catch three monkeys and play a bonus game with a good bet, where you have to pull the ropes to make the bananas fall with multiplication and hope that no brick falls and breaks the monkey's head, because with the monkey's head broken the bonus game is stopped.
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Gameplay and Paylines
Crazy Monkey has five reels and nine paylines. It also features a doubling game and two bonus games. The maximum bet allowed is 225 credits, with payouts reaching up to 5000 credits. The main character in the slot is a cute monkey, and the action takes place in a dense jungle.
Crazy Monkey play is not complicated at all. First, you have to choose the size of the line bet (by clicking Bet) and the number of lines (one of the buttons Line with the corresponding number of lines). After this, you have to press Start, which starts the reels.
Winning lines are lit up one by one, and the numbers indicating them are flashing. A line is a winning line if there are at least three of the same symbols adjacent to each other and touching the right or left edge of the screen. The more symbols in a line, the higher the payout ratio.
The winnings from a successful spin can be withdrawn, but they can also be staked in a doubling game if desired. To do this, press the Double button, which will open an additional window in front of you. You will see five cards. The first card belongs to the dealer and is face down. You have to choose one of the remaining four cards, hoping it will be higher than the dealer’s card. If it is, your bet is doubled. Otherwise, you lose the money you bet (i.e. your winnings from the previous spin).

Symbols and odds
The most expensive symbol in the video slot is the logo with the name on the yellow star. A set of 5 such images in a line increases the bet by 5000 times. Other icons also have high odds. Large multipliers are awarded for 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols in a row:

• African skull mask – x100, x500, x2000;
• lion – x30, x100, x500;
• pineapple – x20, x50, x200;
• anvil – x10, x30, x100.

Winning combinations are counted from left to right as well as from right to left.

The image of African mask is used as a wild, this icon completes the prize rows from any other standard icons except the logo.

Bonus games
On a roll of 3, 4 or 5 jumping monkeys on the reels triggers the bonus game. In this bonus, the player has to control the movements of the character, who has to pull at random five ropes hanging from the trees. If a bunch of bananas falls from above, the protagonist eats them and the round continues. If a cast-iron anvil falls on his head, the prize draw is over.

The Super Game starts when the chimp successfully pulls all the ropes and tropical fruits. To win the big prize, you must guess which of the two question mark plates hides the prize. The second tablet hides a skull, which resets the result to zero.

After forming any winning combination, you can start the risk game. In it you need to choose one of the four cards, which will turn out to be bigger than the dealer’s one. In this case, the winnings are doubled, and the round goes on. If the user’s card is of the same value as the dealer’s, a re-match takes place.