Crazy Monkey 2

Crazy Monkey 2

Crazy Monkey 2 slot machine, includes 5 reels and 9 paylines, and also has a wild symbol - a wooden mask. And just as handy as on a regular Crazy Monkey slot machine.
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The machine from Igrosoft offers a risk game where the prize can be doubled. “Monkeys 2” includes a two-level interactive bonus game. Combinations involving the slot machine logos bring 5,000 line bets, giving you the chance to win up to 675,000 demo credits.

Above the reels are the information windows and below the reels are the control buttons. In the centre of the reels are combinations of several of the same symbols.

The information windows contain the following:

• Bet – shows the amount of the total bet (from 9 to 810);
• Lines – the number of lines activated (1 to 9). When a combination appears on the screen, the name changes to “Winning”;
• Credit – the state of the game account.

Immediately below the reels of the machine “Monkey” is a line that specifies the rate per line (1 to 90), as well as the minimum and maximum bet limits (the game from 1 to 810 credits). When a combination appears on the screen, the limit line shows the question, “Take it or risk it?”

At the bottom of the Crazy Monkey 2 screen is the control panel, it consists of buttons:

• 1…9 Lines – adjusts the number of prize lines;
• Help – opens the paytable;
• Max Bet – sets the maximum bet of 810 credits (90 credits per line);
• Bet – switches the line bet step by step;
• Start – spins and stops the reels;
• Auto Play – starts the automatic rotation.

At the beginning of the game should determine the total bet, adjusting the number of lines and the size of the line bet. For this responsible buttons 1 … 9 Lines, Max Bet, Bet.
Then you need to run the reels with Start or Auto Play. The first button makes one turn at a time, and the second button spins the reels until the user presses it to stop the automatic spins.


Special Symbols and Paylines
Several identical symbols form a winning combination, where each has a multiplier that increases the line bet. A tangible advantage of Crazy Monkey 2 is that combinations count from left to right as well as from right to left.

Coefficients are arranged in this order:

• The slot machine logo increases the line bet by 5,000 times no matter how many symbols are in the combination;
• wooden masks of idols – 2,000 times;
• mushrooms – 500;
• butterflies – 200;
• snakes – odds of 10, 30, 100 for three, four, five symbols respectively;
• hummingbirds – 5, 10, 50;
• frogs – 3, 5, 20;
• bananas – 2, 3, 10.

“The wild symbol is in the form of a wooden idol mask, it replaces all other images and thus completes combinations that would otherwise not add up.

The Crazy Monkey 2 slot machine bonus game is activated when three or more faces of a monkey appear on the reels. You can see five ropes on the screen – you have to pull each one using the 1…9 Lines button. Bananas or a stone will fall from the top of the screen. If the monkey manages to eat all the bananas without getting hurt, the second level of the bonus game opens.
The second level of the bonus is a choice between two columns. The monkey hangs between two stone columns, each of them hiding something. The user can risk the winnings from the first level or take them away. If he risks, he presses one of the buttons – 3 Lines (column on the left) or 7 Lines (column on the right).
If the treasure is revealed, the winnings increase. At this stage, too, you can take the prize by clicking on Start, or risk more. If a spider is caught, the winnings are cancelled and the player returns to the main game.