Crazy 7

Crazy 7

Fans of game slots are often looking for thrills, impressive graphics, exciting and realistic game universes and big winnings, in slots such as Crazy 7 from Playtech
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Crazy 7 Slot Machine
Slot game aficionados often look for thrills, impressive graphics, immersive and realistic game universes and big wins.
Whereas all players certainly look forward to sizeable cash rewards, many would rather enjoy a low-key slot game with few features, a simple look and a vintage atmosphere. This is where original creations such as Playtech’s Crazy 7 come into play to answer the demand of this specify player group.

Pure slot gaming
Crazy 7 is perhaps one of the most extreme example of simplification in a video slot game, as players will see as soon as they launch the game on their computers.
The non-specific, bright purple background features large and colourful sevens floating around
Add a couple of displays and a small command bar at the bottom of the game screen, and you are one. Crazy 7 features a few fun sound effects to accompany your game.

How to play
Crazy 7 belongs to the retro slot game category, as evidenced by the paytable on permanent display on the main screen and the simplicity of the rules.
The setup contains three spinning reels with a single payline slicing right in their midst. The reels can stop in between symbols as well, which is also a characteristic feature of retro slot games. The goal of the game is still to land winning combinations on the payline. You can bet either one, two or three coins on the next spin by clicking the Bet One button – or the Bet Max shortcut to go all-in with a single click. The Spin button sets the reels into motion. Each winning combination corresponds to a specific cash prize, which is automatically added to your personal credit as you play.
To increase or decrease the coin value, use the (+) and (-) arrows in the lower left-hand corner of the game screen. Remember that the more you bet, the larger your future rewards can become. Feel free to adjust your settings as you go, as often as you would like.

The paytable features three different sorts of Sevens: blue, green and red, in ascending order of value. Most winning combinations available consist of three identical Sevens nicely lined up on the game’s unique payline. Lining up three mixed Sevens also triggers a modest reward. Remember that the reels can, and will, stop in between symbols as well, triggering no wins at all.
Value and rarity are also correlated in Crazy 7. This simply means that the most valuable symbols, the green and red Sevens, appear less frequently on the reels than their cheaper and blue counterparts, or the mixed combinations. As we have mentioned before, the paytable is nicely split into three columns corresponding to your bet size. The more coins you bet, the larger the rewards become.