Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a slot machine from Microgaming. The machine has three reels and one payline. The main advantage of the slot is the wild symbol with high payout multipliers: x5 and x25. The maximum win on the slot will be obtained at the maximum bet. It equals 15,000 coins.
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Theme and graphics
Once again Microgaming, one of the leaders in the development of casino games, have released a slot for fans of retro. It will appeal to all those who are tired of the excessive pomp and unwieldiness of modern slots. Couch Potato loads almost instantly and does not lag at all during the game. No additional software is required, you only need a web browser. You can play Couch Potato from your desktop computer as well as your mobile phone or tablet. All in all, if you are looking for an interesting classic slot game, Couch Potato is your choice. Be patient though, as this slot has a very high variance, as the symbols here can simply fail to hit a single line.

Symbols and Paylines
Couch Potato has just 1 winning line, but this will give you more than enough opportunities to make winning combinations on each spin. You have to catch at least 1 cat to get the payout.
Pay special attention to the Wild, the TV with the game’s logo, which is the best symbol in Couch Potato. For a line of 3 of these icons you can get 15,000 coins.

This slot features both wild and standard symbols.

Wild Symbol
The wild symbol is a picture of the machine’s logo. This symbol replaces all other images in combinations to form a winning combination. At the same time, it multiplies the payouts for combinations as follows:

• for a combination formed with one wild, the payout increases by a factor of five;
• for the combination formed with two wild, the payout increases twenty-five times.
• However, one or two wilds do not replace one or two cherries on the reels.

Also, if two wild symbols appear on a payline but the third position is left empty, the combination is not considered to be formed.

Standard symbols
The slot paytable is located on the playing field of the machine to the right of the reels. Only three classic symbols are used in the slot: the seven, the BAR (symbol consists of one, two or three words) and the cherry.
Their payout odds are as follows:

• one cherry (anywhere on the reels) – 2, 4, 6 coins at a bet of one, two and three coins respectively;
• two cherries or three any inscriptions BAR – 5, 10, 15;
• three cherries or three BAR inscriptions from one word – 10, 20, 30;
• three BAR inscriptions from two words – 20, 40, 60;
• two game logos (anywhere on the reels) – 25, 50, 75;
• three BAR inscriptions from three words – 30, 60, 90;
• three any sevens – 40, 80, 120;
• three blue sevens with the inscription BAR – 50, 100, 150;
• three red and yellow sevens – 60, 120, 180;
• three slot logos – 2,000, 5,000, 15,000.

All prize combinations are only formed if at least one symbol is on the left-most reel (not counting combinations with cherries or the game logo).
To find out the payout in credits, the number of coins from the payout table has to be multiplied by the coin value.
Couch Potato slot deserves attention for the large multipliers (according to players) that the wild symbol possesses. Fans of simple gameplay will also be impressed.