Celebrate the birthday of a caterpillar in Cashapillar Scratch Card. This game is based on the slot of the same name, and here you will also have to take part in the celebration together with other insects. Cashapillar Scratch Card is a 3X3 board game where you'll catch 3 icons in a row and win big prizes. Get ready to have a lot of fun and take your good winnings with you.
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Theme and graphics
If you like Cashapillar slot, then you should definitely try Cashapillar Scratch Card. Unlike the slot game, here you can win a huge prize just by collecting 3 icons in a line. According to the game’s plot, insects are celebrating a holiday, and the backdrop of the game will be decorated with beautiful light bulbs. The game icons are located in the trunk of the tree, and on the left you will see the night sky decorated with stars. Also on the left side of the screen is a paytable. Special mention should be made of the soundtrack, which fits perfectly with the overall theme. Cashapillar Scratch Card does not require any additional software: you only need a web browser. The slot loads quickly and does not lag during the game. If you’re tired of the usual slots and want to try a unique casino game with good payouts, don’t pass up Cashapillar Scratch Card.

Gameplay and Paylines
On the Cashapillar Scratch Card playing field you will come across symbols such as cake, caterpillar, butterfly, snail and bugs. All of them pay out different winnings. The highest paying symbol is the cake, followed by the caterpillar, then the butterfly, snail and finally the bugs. Depending on the symbol that forms the combination you can get anywhere from 2X to 10,000X of your bet. So if you’re lucky enough to collect a line of 3 cake icons you could win 100,000 coins. Before you start the game you will need to place your bet. This is done by using the -/+ buttons at the bottom of the screen. A total of 0.50 to 10 coins can be bet per round. Once you have decided on your bet, you will need to click on ‘New Card’ to start the game.
In Cashapillar Scratch Card there are no classic winning lines. Here you have to collect 3 of the same icons in a line. Each of them can bring you a different win, and you’ll have a good chance of a big payout in each round.
Pay special attention to the cake icon – it’s the best symbol in this game. Catching 3 of these will multiply your bet by 10,000 times.

Free spins
If three, four or five scatter symbols appear on the playing field, the user receives 15 free spins. During the freespins, all rewards for combinations are tripled. When the wild symbol is involved in the sequence, the final multiplier will be six. This gives you the chance to win up to 60,000,000 coins per spin.

A series of free spins can be extended. This happens if three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels as a result of a freespin. In this case, the number of remaining freespins is increased by 15. All free spins are performed with the same bet settings as the last regular spin.

The doubling game
The risk tour is available to the player after a regular spin, which brought the winnings. It is also possible to switch to the doubling game after a series of free spins. In this case, the user will risk the total reward for all the freespins. It is not possible to participate in the risk game during the automatic spins.

To go to the risk round, press the Gamble button. Then the user appears in front of a hidden card and a few buttons:

• Black;
• Red;
• Collect.

The first two buttons are for choosing the colour of the hidden card. Collect credits the current winnings to the account and returns the player to spinning the reels.
If the user manages to select the correct colour, his initial winnings are doubled. If the colour is incorrect, the winnings are cancelled. If the answer is correct five times in a row, the doubling game ends automatically.