Cash Crazy

Cash Crazy

The mad scientist is the inspiration for Hollywood movies, so why not be inspired by him to create slot machines? That's the main idea behind this game. Released in 2014 by Microgaming, Cash Crazy slot machine is designed to evoke nostalgia in players. It's a classic three-reel slot that started the history of Las Vegas as the capital of gambling.
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Theme and Graphics
How often mad scientists are portrayed as villains, ready to use their intellectual potential with destructive force for power and money. But if you think about it, a genius, no matter how crazy he is, would immediately realize that it’s not at all efficient to set up a boiling activity to destroy the world in order to enrich yourself – it’s much easier to build a machine to make money – and then all the ways and possibilities are open. That’s the simple conclusion the creators of Cash Crazy came to.
A pleasant surprise were the sound effects, which are well suited to the current theme, but they could be fine-tuned to make the slot machine more individual. The game has animation elements on the logo – the animation can be seen during the prize payout. The wacky professor chuckles happily every time coins fall out of the wonder machine.

Gameplay and Paylines
Cash Crazy is a three reel non progressive classic slot from Microgaming with a single payline. The game uses a wild, scatter symbol and has a multiplier. The jackpot has a maximum payout of $8,000.
The slot machine allows you to bet in coins ranging from 25 cents to $5. However, there is only one payline in the game where only 2 coins can be placed. Thus, the maximum bet in the game reaches $10. Not so much for an opportunity to win $8,000.
The presence of a wild symbol with a multiplier and a scatter symbol greatly increases the playability of the slot machine. The wild is the crazy professor, the main character in this fun game. He comes into play when a winning combination is missing one symbol. If he completes a winning combination, he acts as a multiplier, multiplying the prize by 2! If 2 wild symbols complete a winning combination, then the winnings are increased by 4 times! Quite a good opportunity to increase your financial standing in the game.

Special symbols
The classic yet maddening set of characters is headed by a mad professor. The typical appearance of a brilliant scientist: white coat, grey beard, sparse disheveled hair, our inventor is complemented by large round glasses, in which big dollar signs are burning. In his hands, the professor clutches wads of fresh cash.
This portrait is placed in a round technogenic frame and is the ‘wild’ symbol. Traditional for the classic slots seven is made in the form of a large glossy green character, the same as the banknotes flying across the screen. The rest of the reels are represented by standard classic slot machine symbols – bright red cherries and bar, double bar and triple bar symbols in red, purple and yellow respectively. There are only 6 symbols in the game, which offer players 10 winning combinations, including wins with wild symbols.