Candy Bars

Candy Bars

For all the sweet-tooth gamblers out there, the developers at IGT have released a colourful video slot with an unusual design and exciting features. The model called Candy Bars will delight you with an incredible number of payable combinations, the drawing of several jackpots and nice bonuses.
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Theme and Gameplay
Candy Bars has four reels and fifty fixed lines to form winning combinations. Sixteen pictures (4×4) can be seen on the screen at once.
The bet is always seventy-five coins. The denomination of the coins can be 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 credits. So a spin takes from seventy five units up to 2250 coins. Find out the details on the spot at the casino where you will be playing for money.
There are different types of symbols available in the game, including simple images and elements with special features, three cumulative jackpots and additional bonuses, discussed below.
Basic pictures make up winning chains of identical items that have to be next to each other on a line. There must be three or four of these, but there are exceptions to the rules, discussed in the next section.
The size of the winnings is determined by the bet and the odds of the resulting combination. These are multiplied, and if there is more than one chain in one round, the payouts add up. Candy Bars does not have a level playing field, so the money is immediately withdrawn to the account.

Special symbols
When you open the slot machine, you will see different kinds of sweets on the screen, as well as colourful sevens that can form mixed combinations.
All the pictures go on the reels in strips, so all sixteen cells can be occupied by the same elements. In such cases, accrue particularly large payments.

Now let’s discuss the special symbols:

• Wild (candy on the background of a chocolate bar) are presented on the second, third and fourth reels. They, too, go in stacks and substitute for simple sweets if the game situation requires it.

• Wild 2x (dragee with the number 2 and the letter X) are only found in the second and third columns. They replace the other basic pictures. In addition, each of these symbols on a line will pay out two bets on that line.

Candy Bars bonus games
The model offers bonuses such as:

• Blackout Wins – If you manage to fill the entire screen with identical pictures or mixed sevens, the winnings will be more solid. For example, with a spin rate of 75 coins the payout for sixteen red sevens is 25,000 credits.

The payout table can be found on one of the rules pages.


• There are three IGT progressive jackpots (listed in ascending order):
• Snack Size;
• King Size;
• Giant Size.

To win the smallest, you must fill the second reel with chocolate (the stacked Wilds mentioned above). If you manage to do the same with the second and third columns at once, you will get the King jackpot. And three reels occupied by chocolate images give you the maximum accumulated amount.