Bullion Bars

Bullion Bars

If you are a fan of classic gambling entertainments, you will be thrilled to try out the popular Novomatic game described in our Bullion Bars slot review. This game, unlike some of the other counterparts with a similar theme, is a 3-reel slot with 20 maximum winning lines having a whopping reward of 50,000 USD worth jackpot.
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Bullion Bars Slots
If you’re a big fan of the noughts and crosses style 3 reel slots – then you’re going to absolutely love “Bullion Bars” a fun and easy to play online slot game from Novomatic that offers players the chances to win big for very little effort. You only have to line-up 3 symbols to win, and you can win on multiple lines at the same time. The game has also taken some of everyone’s favourite retro symbols such as bars and made them gold – hence the name Bullion Bars. The top-prize is a fantastic 200,000 coins, whilst there’s also a fantastic bonus game to play called the Streak Feature.

This is definitely a fun and easy game that will appeal to a wide range of slot players, and it’s multiple player appeal has been matched by a wide range of line and line-bets that can be combined to suit all tastes – and start from just 0.01 coins a spin. It’s also a great game to play whenever you’ve got a spare moment or two.

Reely Easy
There’s no simpler slot than a 3 x 3 reel grid, but this one offers players 20 pay-lines, many of which can payout on the same spin.

Best Bar None
The symbol you want to avoid seeing is the 0, but the 20 pay-lines offer plenty of ways to win even when they do appear. There’s always plenty of stars shooting across the reels and lining 3 up is worth 200 coins. After that it’s Bars all the way and there are single bars, double bars, triple bars, and bullion bars to spin-in, and which payout for a variety of combinations. 3 single bars will win you 400 coins, whilst bar – double bar – bar will win you 800 coins. Bar – triple bar – bar will win you 2,000 coins, whilst bar – bullion bar – bar will win you 10,000 coins. However, should you stack 3 bars on reel 1, 3 bullion bars on reel 2, and 3 bars on reel 3 – you will win the sizeable prize of 200,000 coins.
There’s also a special Bar Streak Symbol to find on reel 2, and if it spins in when there is a bar either side of it – you will be awarded the Streak Feature. The reels will then spin and keep spinning until no winning combination appears.

Bullion Bets
You can choose to play just 1 line with a line-bet of just 0.01 coins if you want to, but playing 20 lines provides the most fun – and still only has to cost 0.02 coins. You can however place a range of bigger line-bets with the biggest being 20 coins. This means a maximum stake of 400 coins a spin.