Bugs And Bees

Bugs And Bees

Decorated in eye-catching cartoony bugs and brightly animated bees, Bugs ‘n Bees online Novomatic slot follows a light-hearted theme based on creepy crawlies that are hard not to love.
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Bugs ‘N Bees Slots
There comes a time in everyone’s life when they’re obliged to learn about the bugs and the bees… wait, that’s the birds and the bees, isn’t it? Scrap that. Bugs ‘N Bees is the title of a cheery 5-reeler from Novomatic, those purveyors of ultra-smooth and uber-bright video slot games. Even if creepy crawlies aren’t your bag, this slot is worth a shot: just look at their cheery little faces – go on, look at them. What’s not to love?

No Bugs In This Game
Anthropomorphised insects aside, the gameplay in this Novomatic offering is mercifully bug-free: you could play it for hours (and you probably will) without finding so much as a glitch that might spoil the experience. Novomatic have been in this game for a long time, and they’ve long since mastered the fundamentals of video slots. The graphics are clean, the animations are smooth and the sound effects add to the gaming experience rather than providing an unwelcome distraction. There’s more than a dash of Beetle Mania Deluxe to this title, Novomatic’s other bug-themed video slots offering, and by “more than a dash“ read „the two look almost identical“.

Creature Features
This 5-reel fruit machine is nothing if not cute. There’s no getting away from it: those bugs and bees are of the friendly, rather than the fiendish variety. They just wanna make you smile as you pound the start button a bunch of times in your tireless quest for the jackpot. When you’re ready to commence, set your starting stake, which can be anything from 0.02 up to a maximum of 5. The maximum bet is lower than that offered by many of the most popular video slots so is perfect for those who prefer low stakes slots. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to win big on Bugs ‘N Bees, thanks largely to the bonus features that can take your winnings to the next level.

Sting In The Tail
Novomatic’s favourite gamble feature surfaces predictably on this five-reel slot, the one that gives you a chance to double your winnings. The odds of doubling up are 50/50, so it’s a straight up gamble, but one that can pay dividends. All in, the game offers 20 pay-lines, set across all five reels. The maximum pay-out of 1,000 coins will grant a sum of 5,000, sum, then if you’re playing with the highest possible stake. To grab the grand prize, look out for the bee bearing a jar of honey; five of the critters will be enough to bag you the jackpot.

Grab Those Grubs
There are plenty of reasons to take a closer look at Bugs ‘N Bees, not least the fact that this game is a whole lotta fun. If you’re purely in it for profit, it should be pointed out that there are plenty of slots out there offering higher jackpots. The game truly comes into its own with the bonus features – that’s where the most mischief can be wrought and where a sizeable portion of coins can be claimed. Coupled with Novomatic’s obligatory multiplier feature and there’s a lot of reasons to play Bugs ‘N Bees. Sure, the game’s not gonna win any awards for originality – Novomatic appear to have resorted to plagiarising themselves – but in truth, it’s no biggie. There’s only so many ways you can model a 5 reel slot machine anyway, and as a standalone video slot, Bugs ‘N Bees is as fun as anything out there.