Break Da Bank

Break Da Bank

Break Da Bank online slot machine consists of 3 reels and 5 paylines. The slot is produced by Microgaming. It is dedicated to the theme of wealth. Since this machine three-reel, and the characters in it not so much. In addition to the four standard pictures, the game involves wild character, which creates the highest-paying combinations. The maximum win for a sequence of 3 "Break Da Bank" logos reaches 2,400 virtual coins. Also in the slot there are additional multipliers
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Theme and gameplay
In the demo version of the online slot, the player has 2,000 credits in their account, which are converted into virtual coins for internal play. The player has the right to determine the value of each coin in relation to the credits. The available denominations are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 25. This is set using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ knobs on the control console.
After choosing the denomination, you need to configure the paylines and bet on them. This is done using the key Bet One. The player can activate from one to five paylines, each of which is a one coin bet. The highest bet per line is 5 coins.

The slot interface includes three information windows:

• Demo Credits – displays the player’s current account status in credits;
• Bet – shows the total bet on a spin (from 1 to 125 credits);
• Win – the last win.

The slot provides for the instant activation of the highest bid. To do this, press the key Bet Max. It engages all the paylines at once, and starts one spin.

Payout table is located directly on the playing field. To the right of the drums marked all the possible prize combinations, as well as awards for them. The main functions of the wild symbol are described below the reels. The user has the right at any time to call up the section with the basic rules if he has any questions about the game. To do this he needs to press the Help button. The loudspeaker button on the top right of the screen can be used to activate or deactivate the sound.
After completing the settings stage, all that remains is to run the reels. The Spin button is provided for this very purpose.

Symbols and odds
The game involves four basic symbols that form sequences that pay out. Winning sequences are considered uninterrupted sequences of three identical pictures on the same active line. The calculation is from left to right, so the first picture must be on the first reel. For each combination of collected player receives a certain reward:

• three dollar sign pictures on one active line bring 160 coins;
• triple “Bar” sign – 80;
• double “Bar” – 40;
• a single “Bar” – 10;
• three any “Bar” tablets – 5.

If there are several winning combinations on different lines, the awards for them are summed up and credited to the player’s balance. To convert the winnings into credits it is necessary to multiply the number of coins received by the denomination set by the user.

Bonus features
The game’s signature logo with the words ‘Break Da Bank’ is the wild symbol of the slot. This image forms the highest paying sequences. The winnings for combinations of wild symbols depends directly on which line they have been collected. If three branded logos fell on the first line, the reward will be 1,000 coins. If the second – then 1,200, on the third – 1,400, on the fourth – 1,600, on the fifth – 2,400 virtual coins.
In addition to the fact that the wild gives its own payout, it also replaces any missing images to form new sequences. In addition, the winnings for combinations in which the company logo is involved, multiplied by a certain factor. If the sequence is completed with one wild, the player’s winnings are doubled. If the combination involves two wild symbols, the winnings are quadrupled.