Transfer to thirty years ago and feel as a risky mafioso will slot machine Bratva casino. He especially like fans of the genre, like crime, as well as those who are nostalgic for the post-Soviet era and the old computer graphics.
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About the slot
Online slot Bratva (Bratva) from Unicum created in 2014. The developers have tried to stick to the style of the 90’s and immerse the user in the atmosphere of those years. There are minimalistic, a bit crude characters: pistol, bullets, cell phone flip phone, a black Mercedes. All this is associated with the crazy life of gangsters. To give more entourage machine decorated with gold chains and seals – the usual attributes of gangsters. Even the sound design chosen in the theme: monotone melody, like a criminal video chronicle, creates a sense of growing alarm.
The target audience of the slot are users aged 30 years and older. These people still remember a bygone era. Also, the device will be of interest to fans of such genres as crime, detective, and adventure.
Play Bratva for money in online casinos can be through a personal computer, as well as in a mobile application. Video slot can not be downloaded, but users can use the demo mode, which allows you to understand the intricacies of the machine. The game has 5 reels, 21 paylines. The minimum bet is 0.01 in the currency of the casino. Maximum – 50 cash units per line and 1050, if you use all directions at once.
A winning combination of 3 or more symbols in a row that simultaneously appear on the screen from left to right is considered a winning combination. The maximum prize is an increase in line bet by a factor of 10,000. It can be won if 5 icons with the image of a policeman fall out simultaneously.

The video slot consists of 12 symbols. The cheapest of them: a flip phone, bullets, handcuffs and a gun. The most expensive are a prison and a policeman.
The slot uses the wild in the form of the Joker. This is an icon depicting a stiletto, a fire, a diamond and a playing card. The Joker can replace 10 of the 12 symbols in the combination, except for the policeman and the yellow UAZ.
Scatter is a roulette. When the screen falls at the same time 4 of these symbols, the bet increases by 10 times, if 5 – multiplication factor of 30. At the same time the images can be not next to each other, but in different parts of the playing field.

Bonus game
The machine has several prize rounds. The risk bonus game is due every time when the combination is on the screen. In the old tradition from the 90’s the user should try his hand at thimbles. On the screen for a few seconds chaotically moving cups. If the participant at the first attempt to guess under which of the thimbles hidden ball, the profits are doubled. You can guess an unlimited number of times, take the winnings at any time.
But these are not all the secrets of the slot. If the line appears 4 or 5 figures of bros in a cap, the user gets access to the Thief prize round. First, you need to choose a level: Rough Work or Professional. In the first option earns less, but it is stable. The Pro takes risks and gets more in the end.
Next, five buildings appear in front of the player: a casino, an office building, a grocery store, a bank and a beer kiosk. You have to guess which room is unguarded. If the choice is correct, you can take the loot. When the bandit makes a mistake, the police come after him, and the prize round ends.
If he fails on the Rough Work level, the user can take back the money he has already won. If the professional fails, he loses everything.
Another variant of the bonus game is called Bandit. Access to it opens if the screen appeared 4-5 icons depicting thugs in glasses. In front of the user arise 2 gloveboxes. They can be handcuffs, money or a gun. If the bandit finds where the hidden cash or weapons, the winnings will increase. The maximum multiplication factor per line bet – 180. Play slot machine Bratva free without registration and to learn all the nuances of video slot on our website. Jackpot in the machine is not provided.

Video slot will appeal to players who like machines with a non-standard plot and minimalist graphics. It can also be recommended to beginners, because there are simple rules and clear mechanics.