Booming Bars

Booming Bars

Brick-and-mortar slot machines remain popular to this day, and they have also served as inspiration for some online slots. Booming Bars is one such slot machine that takes players back to the retro era of classic games. As with traditional slots, there's nothing special about the development of the game screen. The three-by-three grid has a grey tone that blurs the purple and white background. However, unlike classic games that have only one betting line, this one has ten fixed win lines.
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Betting and percentage of your winnings
A special feature of the slot is that you can only play for real money. Neither the minimum nor the maximum bet per line is set. The size of Booming Bars coins varies from 0.01 to 50 cm. The RTP, or the rate of return to players, is not known to us. Also, there is a chance to hit the jackpot of 500 coins. Before you play, don’t forget to read the Booming Games Platform User Rules.

Special features
The game features a so-called ‘wild’ symbol, meaning one that can turn into any of the symbols that are currently missing to win. Those who are already tired of hitting the Play button will probably like the auto-play option, which allows you to run the game once and just wait for the winnings. There are also multipliers in the game, allowing you to double, triple or further increase your winnings.

Bonus features of the game
The 3×3 field has some nice features:

• Combinations are made up of identical symbols as well as symbols of different colours.
• The BB symbol is wild and doubles the reward, 2 of them give a multiplier of x4.
• The ability to bet on 10 lines with only 9 cells.

Three wilds at maximum bet will bring 25,000 at once, they have a multiplier of x500. The next highest is a set of three different 777s, they have a multiplier of x200. You can only play slot machine classics without registration on our website.