Beer Fest

Beer Fest

Taste a variety of beers from all over the world with Beer Fest from Microgaming. If you're a beer lover, you'll definitely enjoy this game. You get to taste different beers and win big prizes. Beer Fest is a unique casino game with interesting gameplay. Get ready to unlock all the secrets of Beer Fest and return home with a big win.
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Theme and graphics
Beer Fest is a very addictive instant payout game whose main theme is beer festivals. There are 3 mini-games waiting for you, the outcome of which you will have to predict. In the first game you will see a tent, two men and a girl serving them beer, in the second – the waitress with a plate of snacks in his hand, and in the third – dancing on the tables of an old man. Separately, we should highlight the soundtrack in this game, which really makes you feel like you’re at Beer Fest. You don’t have to download anything for Beer Fest: you just need a web browser. The game loads very quickly and doesn’t slow down at all. Overall, Beer Fest is great for anyone who wants a break from the standard slots. It’s an exciting game with medium variance and good payouts.

Gameplay and Paylines
Beer Fest is a free fun online game with three independent rounds: Beers All Round, Munchies and Table Dancing.

Let’s look at them separately:

• Beers All Round – guess which of the two competitors will drink the most beer.

• Munchies – find the same dish on three closed plates that the waitress is holding on her tray.

• Table Dancing – Choose one of the four tables where Fritz will be dancing and hope he doesn’t collapse under his weight.

The payout odds for each round are determined at random. It’s displayed in a special tab below the main screen and can reach up to x5000.
You can only start a whole new game once you’ve tried your luck on all three rounds.