The Aliens slot machine was developed by the developer NetEnt in 2014. The genre of this slot machine is Fantastic. The theoretical return rate is claimed by the developer to be 96.4, and the variance is medium. The slot machine has a playing field consisting of 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of lines is 15.
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Theme and Graphics
NetEnt’s Aliens online slot was released in 2014. The slot machine was created in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox and made a strong impression on users. The slot is based on the famous Alien movie, features 3D graphics and has shooter elements. Although the player himself does not shoot the monsters, but the developers with the help of visuals and stunning special effects completely immerse the user in the world of aliens. Alas, the machine disappeared from online casinos in 2017, presumably due to expensive copyright commissions from 20th Century Fox.
In 1986, the sci-fi feature film Aliens, directed by James Cameron, was released. The picture about the adventures of astronauts who went into battle with a terrible alien monster, became a cult and brought its creators more than a hundred and ten million profits. The leading role was brilliantly played by Sigourney Weaver.

Gameplay and Paylines
Aliens is a five-reel video slot with fifteen lines (all of which are active by default and you can’t change their number), three rows of pictures on the screen, special symbols, extra multipliers, several levels with different special features and other options.
Play slot machine Aliens can be put on the line up to ten coins with a face value of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 or 1 euro. The maximum bet per spin is one hundred and fifty euros.
Payable combinations formed by the classical principles. It is necessary that on the active line were a few of the same picture. They must fall on the adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost. Only the most valuable combination on each line is the winning one.
To calculate the payout, which is done automatically, the bet made per line is multiplied by the coefficient of the combination shown in the special table. The maximum is x1000. All winnings are summed up at the end of the spin. There is no doubling round, so the payout goes straight to the main account.

Bonus games
The main stage of the game is the first level and is called The Search. The symbols that form paying combinations are duplicated in a special scale located above the reels. Their multipliers are also indicated there. Wild does not get there. When the scale will not remain free cells, the player proceeds to the second level – The Encounter. Here he will have to fight the monsters.
Monsters will come in waves, between which will rotate drums with a special set of symbols. After a repulsed attack, a horizontally rotating Ammo Reel will appear. Additional equipment will be drawn on it, allowing you to continue the fight.
If you manage to pass the second round, you’ll find yourself in The Hive level, where you’ll have to destroy, as they used to say in the first computer games, the boss. We won’t reveal the details of this round to preserve the intrigue. In any case, nothing depends on you. It’s all up to the “will” of the random number generator.