Ace was one of those easy to play scratch cards and lottery games, which could bring the players a significant amount of cash, with just as little as €2 for a single card. Even though the game had not been overly complicated, it could still deliver a lot of excitement, especially since the player could instantly win real money with just a single scratch. The visuals of Ace were based on a simple lottery game, introducing a digital card instead of a real one, like those that can still be bought at gaming parlors or even gas stations.
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Ace Scratch Card Game Tutorial
The goal of the Ace scratch card online game from NetEnt is to get the same amount 3 times. To start, click BUY CARD to buy a new card. When you click the button with the coin, you will get a number of objects to pick from to scratch open the scratch card. When you have chosen an object, you can use this object to scratch open the card. Scratch open all 9 boxes, followed by the X at the bottom of the screen. When you get the same amount three times, you will win this amount times the multiplier you scratched open. You can also choose to click SCRATCH ALL; all boxes will then be automatically scratched open. The profit will be shown on screen.
You can first try this scratch card in practice mode to see how it works.

Pay Table / Win Plan
The Ace scratch card gives you a chance to win the main prize of 50,000. In the pay table you will find an overview of all payouts. This is based on an average 1,000,000 cards. In case of a malfunction the profits no longer apply. The pay table can be found by clicking PAYTABLE.

Possible Game Settings
The Ace scratch card has a few possibilities to adjust the settings. In the playing screen you will see a question mark. This opens the game settings screen. In this screen you can choose for GAME RULES or GAME HISTORY. If you want to know more about the rules of the Ace scratch card, click the game rules. The game history keeps track of your profits. The game history is not available in practice mode.
Next to the question mark is a speaker. This speaker allows you to turn the sound on or off.