888 Gold

888 Gold

Play a true classic - 888 Gold. It's a fascinating retro slot made by Pragmatic Play. It's packed with good payouts and useful extras. 888 Gold is a game with 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 win lines as well as a special Wild symbol. Spin the reels and try to snag a big win.
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Theme and Graphics
888 Gold is another stunning product from Pragmatic Play. This company really knows how to create great retro slots. A true classic awaits you, without any backdrop, but with a quality visual component. The reels are centered, and underneath you will see a panel with all the buttons you need to control them. Thanks to good optimization, the slot runs without any lags, and loads in a couple of seconds. You won’t need any software except your browser. If you’re looking for a traditional casino game and you’re not afraid of high volatility, give 888 Gold a try. It’s equally good for absolutely any video slot enthusiast.

Gameplay and Paylines
The icons you’ll find in 888 Gold are figure eights, coins and lanterns as well as the classic retro ‘BAR’ symbols. The figure of eight is the highest paying symbol and can bring you up to 6,000 coins. Next up is the orange which can bring you up to 200 coins per line with this icon. Next on the pay table are the ‘BAR’ symbols: triple, double, and single will bring you up to 50, 25, and 15 coins respectively. The cheapest are the lanterns, which pay out 15 coins. A minimum of 8 coins can be earned on a line of any ‘BAR’ symbols. Before proceeding directly to the gameplay, you will need to place a bet. This can be done using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Between 5 and 50 coins can be bet per spin.
There are 5 winning lines in 888 Gold, which will give you plenty of chances for winning combinations on each spin. You need to catch at least 3 of the same symbols in one of the lines to get your payout.
Pay attention to the eight, which is the best symbol in 888 Gold. For a line of 3 of these icons, you can get up to 6,000 coins.
RTP : 97.52%

Bonus Features
Because 888 Gold is a retro slot, there aren’t a lot of bonuses.
One, two and three BAR signs, Chinese lanterns and gold coins appear on the slot machine screen. These are the usual pictures.
BARs can form mixed combinations, paid at the lowest odds.
The special element is one:

• Wild (the figure eight) is a joker, capable of completing chains made up of other symbols. It also forms combinations on its own. Depending on the line on which they are formed, sequences are paid at separate odds: x1000, x2000, x3000, x4000 and x6000.

There are no scatters in 888 Gold. Free spins are not provided for in the rules.