5 Real Drive

5 Real Drive

The 5 Reel Drive online slot has been created by the manufacturer Microgaming. It features five reels, each of which displays three symbols. The pictures create prize combinations on nine active lines. The maximum win, of 10,000 line bets, will be earned by the user for a winning combination of five pictures with a wheel and a finishing flag.
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Theme and Gameplay
It’s hard to imagine what inspired the developers of 5 Reel Drive slot machine to create this slot. We can only speculate, because there’s a lot of meaning put into a road trip on American roads. It’s not just a matter of getting from one point to the next, it’s a way of life on the road, the drive that comes with speed and traversing endless expanses. It means fellow travellers and police, abandoned highways and dual carriageways, roadside snack bars and petrol stations. In short, a particular cult of the road created by millions of migrants and travellers. It’s difficult to grasp, but some of its colourful manifestations can be conveyed by signs, put together and placed in a single composition, which is what 5 Reel Drive slot machine has done.
The 5 Reel Drive slot machine without registration offers players a quality game with a good set of options and a nice jackpot. The game has cute themed icons that create a great atmosphere for the game. There’s no bonus game or free spins, so the game’s intrigue revolves around wild symbols that add an element of surprise to the gameplay. You can find out more about the game if you download the slot machine online for free.

Special Symbols and Paylines
To view the payout table, you need to click on the View Payout button. It opens a page with information about all the symbols and their features. Viewing this section is available even while spinning the reels.

In a slot machine 5 Reel Drive there are two special characters. The first is the road sign and the Wild inscription. This picture appears on any of the reels and replaces the regular image, if required, to create a prize combination.

However, the wild does not replace the second special picture, the scatter symbol. It depicts a police car. Three scatter symbols on any cells of the reels bring the gambler five total bets. Four police cars brings a win of 20 bets per spin, and five – 50 total bets.The odds for the other symbols are not multiplied by the total bet, but by the line.

Half of the regular images create a combination only if at least three of them are rolled in a sequence. Such symbols include:

• A coffee and doughnut, which brings 6, 13 and 50 bets per line;
• A piece of cake, which brings 7, 18 and 70 line bets;
• a glass of beverage, which brings 9, 20 and 120 bets per line;
• Chips, which bring 10, 30 or 300 line bets;
• A sandwich, which pays 13, 60, or 600 bets per line.

The rest of the standard symbols are capable of creating a winning combination of two or more. Therefore, they each have four multipliers, which are multiplied by the line bet:

• The dice have multipliers of 7, 15, 80 and 700;
• the pink car with the girl – 8, 15, 90 and 800;
• yellow car – 10, 25, 150 and 900;
• the truck – 12, 25, 200 and 1,000;
• a wheel with a finishing flag – 12, 40, 500 and 10,000.

It is worth remembering that the gambler is only rewarded for the most expensive combination on the corresponding active line.

Bonus round
5 Reel Drive slot machine has no bonus game.

Betting ranges from $0.25 to $18. The maximum jackpot is $10,000.