Zimpler Casinos Online

Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal
Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal
Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal

Are you looking for a Zimpler casino? We have a few options for you. Zimpler is a young firm that was founded in 2012 and now has more than 112,000 users from Sweden, Germany, Finland, and other countries throughout the world. It’s a quick and simple method to send money to lots of of the top online casinos.

Zimpler’s history isn’t nearly as intriguing as its payment system. In 2012, Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, two Swedish entrepreneurs, decided to develop a new payment method that would allow for fast and simple online transactions, including betting in online casinos. Zimpler, a fast-growing Swedish company, was established and now has offices in Gothenburg, Haparanda, Berlin, and Stockholm. Zimpler is one of the most user-friendly deposit methods and the method to use for any other online transactions because it wasted no time establishing itself and launching offices all around Europe. The Zimpler payment method incorporates cutting-edge technologies with behavioral science to develop the most user-friendly product possible that will (and will) compete against industry giants.

Zimpler Casinos for Real Money

You can now use this payment option in Zimpler casinos from our list. Even though it’s not necessary, our staff examines the quality and security of any Zimpler online casino before it reaches this page, just to assure that it meets our high standards. All of the online casinos that take Zimpler have been thoroughly examined by our team. Nevertheless, we make sure that the online casinos that accept Zimpler are all properly licensed by the international licensing institutions, have a wide choice of online gambling games created by internationally acclaimed developers, and will award you with a decent number of bonuses so that you can spend less and win more.

We’ve compiled a short tutorial on how to deposit and withdraw using Zimpler for those unfamiliar with the service. We’ve also named a few of Zimpler’s advantages, but there are many more.

Deposit at Zimpler Casinos

By using a VISA debit or credit card, you may cash out at any Zimpler casino. This payment option is simple to use and can be mastered by even inexperienced gamers who are new to internet gambling. The only several basic actions that divide you from the winnings are as follows:

  • To begin, pick a Zimpler casino that you enjoy. Check the list above to see which casinos accept Zimpler if you don’t know. Pay attention to the games you want to play and whether the online casino of your choice, Zimpler, is accessible in your region.
  • Create a Zimpler account. Because the Zimpler account will be linked to your mobile phone, you must provide your phone number, verify the security code provided to you, and input it into the Zimplers website for validation. As a result, no one but you will be able to access your account, making payments in online casinos that accept Zimpler even more secure.
  • Choose one of the two payment options available at Zimpler deposit casinos. The first option is “Bill,” which will be delivered to your email or mobile phone and must be paid within 14 days. Using your credit card details stored in your Zimpler account, the second option is “Card.”
  • Send a text message to the number supplied with your payment confirmation, and watch your money flow into your casino Zimpler account.

You’re now ready to play real money casino games from Zimpler’s online casinos.

How to Withdraw from Zimpler Casinos?

It’s been impossible to withdraw money from the Zimpler casino for some time because it can only be used for deposits. The gamblers were forced to look for another payment option in order to receive their profits and then spend them. But, good news, the firm just added a withdrawal choice, making the whole online gambling process much easier for participants. The functionality is new and may not be accessible on every site, but you can identify the casino that accepts Zimpler withdrawals in our list. The length of time it takes to withdraw using Zimpler varies depending on the website and your bank, although it is often a few minutes to several hours.

Benefits of Using Zimpler as a Deposit Method

Zimpler payment method is a unique and cutting-edge approach to make payments, especially Zimpler casino sites. Here’s why:

  • The Zimpler payment option is simple. When you want to play roulette or spin video reel reels, you don’t have to fill out any forms or provide your credit card information. A few clicks on your smartphone and you’re done depositing, ready to go.
  • The Zimpler payment option is quick. You won’t have to wait hours to play in the best Zimpler casinos if you use the “Card” payment option, since the deposit will be made immediately.
  • Zimpler is a popular payment option for WooCommerce shops since it’s easy to use. Zimpler has an outstanding customer service team that is very responsive. Whatever your question, there will always be someone to answer it by phone, email, or online chat. There’s also a list of frequently asked questions on the company’s website with thorough answers about everything you want to know about this payment solution.
  • Zimpler is a payment option that protects your money. The Zimpler Budget function distinguishes this payment method from the others. We all understand how difficult it may be to stop playing when you’re on a hot streak or when luck isn’t on your side today. You may restrict how much money you can spend using the Zimpler payment approach, and the system will assist you in keeping track of your finances. Besides that, there are thorough statistics of all your expenditures and earnings provided in plain language in your Simple accounts to enable greater control over how much you spend, which spending categories you choose, and what steps you could take to improve your financial situation.

We may go on and add even more casinos, but the best approach to appreciate the benefits of this payment technique is to try it out at one of Zimpler’s online casinos for deposits. The firm is relatively young, with a solid reputation, so we can anticipate great things in the future.


Is Zimpler available in all countries?

No. At present, Swedish and Finnish customers can use the service, but there are plans to expand to other countries in Europe.

How do I open a Zimpler account?

All you need is a mobile phone number. There's no sign-up fee, and you don't have to provide any sensitive information such as your bank account or credit card number.

What types of payments can I make with Zimpler?

You can use Zimpler for online shopping, casino deposits, and other types of payments. The service is constantly expanding, so it's likely that you'll be able to use it for even more types of payments in the future.