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Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal

It’s impossible to deny that the rise of the crypto market penetrates different spheres, including gambling. The existence of a Stellar casino is the best proof of it. Stellar and its tokens XLM has demonstrated a significant increase in price (from $0.002 to $0.87) for a short period. Here, they perfectly embodied their rocket symbol. That is why gamblers saw the creation of a Stellar online gambling concept, which occupied its place in the casino market.

In order to satisfy the needs of players, more and more casinos accepted Stellar Lumens to allow their players to pay with different tokens. Rocketpot Casino, Bitdreams Casino, Justbit Casino, and many others are among the dozens of casinos that accept Stellar. What are their peculiarities?

Play Casino Online with Stellar Crypto at Our Best Choices

Online XLM gambling is an open market that allows players to play and win significant amounts. Even considering that Stellar does not enjoy such popularity as, for example, Bitcoin, Stellar casinos provide decent concurrence among other gambling sites. Let’s look at several platforms that accept Stellar Lumens.

Wild Casino is a reputable online gambling site that allows payments with XLM. Their loyalty to customers and excellent service have made them an acceptable platform for gamblers worldwide. Apart from Stellar Lumens, they operate with other cryptocurrencies. But they allow to withdraw up to $100,000 in Stellar XLM equivalent. This motivates users to play and take risks.

Super Slots is the other reputable XLM casino. They attract their attention to the safety ad security they offer to gamers. Their withdrawal limits are somewhat lower (up to $25,000). But you can withdraw your winnings in several tries since the deposit limit is up to $100,000. All English-speaking countries can try this platform.

USA Casinos that Accept Stellar

US casino market cooperates with hundreds of platforms and cryptocurrencies because the demand for them is significant. The Stellar online casino enjoys the same trust. There is a considerable number of USA casinos that accept Stellar. This is mainly due to the safe and legal status of the Stellar platform, about which we will speak below. Such casinos include 7BitCasino, BitKingz, RocketPot Casino, Tsar Casino, and many others.

All of the aforementioned casinos offer an extensive library of games, often over 2000. Stellar gambling sites offer an attractive system of bonuses and other opportunities for their players. US gamblers can bet on premium sports events because the best Stellar sports betting sites provide their players with pleasant offers that motivate them to use Stellar more and more often. Their betting casino sites are among the most reputable when speaking about different platforms that cooperate with cryptocurrencies.

What is Stellar Gambling? Is it Safe and Legal?

Stellar gambling is a concept that is continually increasing its popularity. More and more casinos accept this crypto for cooperation. The main reason for it is that the Stellar platform, as well as Stellar gambling, is safe and legal. People use Stellar in many spheres as a payment method. Playing games is one of the most popular directions nowadays. XLM casinos offer a very high speed of transfers, and their price is affordable. Also, Stellar ensures the security and privacy of users’ personal data. In such a way, they can play at the best stellar gambling sites anonymously.

Stellar has managed to win a positive reputation in the financial markets. Hence, such financial institutions as IBM and Deloitte gave their hands to Stellar, ensuring in such a way their mutual cooperation. Also, they contribute to the development of the digital assets market in different countries. All of these make Stellar gambling a reputable thing, which will never scam its users because its reputation in many countries is worth significantly. That’s why Stellar gambling is a promising platform that inspires trying casino products that cooperate with Stellar. Their legal status is undeniable because it’s also the product of their reputation.

Pros and Cons of Stellar Gambling

The Stellar platform has separated from its parental Ripple platform because Stellar saw much better ways of developing its market. As a result, Stellar gambling managed to inherit all the advantages which were developed by Stellar in general. Stellar is rather flexible in many aspects.

Pros of XLM online gambling include:

  • Transactions are instant – deposits and withdrawals are very fast.
  • Absence of high fees – their fixed exchange rate (0.00001 XLM) is affordable for all users.
  • Security and customer privacy are a high priority for Stellar.
  • The first deposit is very low – teh beginners may deposit only $20 and try the features of the Stellar gambling site.
  • The winning limits are very high – it’s an excellent chance for high rollers.
  • The location of a gambler does not matter – money transfers may occur from different places.

Of course, Stellar gambling is not a 100% ideal platform. Let’s mention some Cons to be ready for them:

  • Not all of the casinos work with XLM – many famous casinos have not started their cooperation with Stellar.
  • Creating a wallet requires extra effort – Those users who still have not Stellar should use additional services to set up the required e-wallet.

What to Know Before Choosing Any Stellar Online Casinos

Before you start using any Stellar casino application, you should have any information background. The level of trustworthiness of your chosen casino determines your success in gambling. You should know what to pay attention to when you decide to choose any casino that accepts Stellar XLM. Let’s look at several tips that will help not to face scammers when looking for the best Stellar gambling sites.

  1. Spend some time investigating the reputation of Stellar crypto casino. Each crypto casino, if it works with Stellar, has some reputation among adherents of online gambling. For this, you may read the reviews that are available online. Nowadays, their number is significant, and you may read and compare several of them in order to obtain the most reputable information. The most informative reviews can be found on such websites as Trustpilot or Sitejabber. There all the critical points and all the possible pitfalls are highlighted.
  2. Look at whether the platform is licensed. Despite the responsibility of every casino platform, we should underline that each gambler is responsible for their online casino experience. That is why you should choose a platform that has a proper license. A licensed online casino on stellar will help protect you from many possible risks. In the United States, online casinos should follow the standards of the Gambling Control Board. This board controls the facilities regardless of whether they use real money or Stellar XLM for payments.
  3. Pay attention to the safety measures. Many critics underline that online casino on Stellar is much safer than casinos using real money. The main reason for it is the anonymity offered by crypto gambling. Safety features protect your personal data and all your funds. We would recommend paying attention to whether there is an opportunity to activate the 2-step verification. This will ensure that no other third party provides any financial transaction without your consent when using the XLM gambling site.

Stellar Online Casinos

Stellar Casino Game Providers

The online casino market nowadays that accepts Stellar as payment includes one of teh largest casino platforms in terms of the number of games and number of countries they may serve. However, the number of such casinos is not great. Best XLM gambling sites cooperate with such game providers as Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, Playtech, and several another no less reputable providers. In such a way, Stellar gambling can ensure a pleasant gaming experience with lots of interesting slots, video and table games, live events, and other exciting offers.

Types of XLM Gambling

XLM Gambling does not impose any restrictions on the types of games the users can play. They understand that to keep the attention of gamblers; they have to offer no less choice of games than the other casino providers. Moreover, they have to offer something exclusive. Thus, online XLM gambling offers classical Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, and slots. Since Stellar is crypto, these casinos provide special crypto games. They may include such options as lucky wheel or Poker, which have been created exclusively for cryptos. They also offer options for sports betting with Stellar. So, your choice is unlimited here.

Stellar Blackjack

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino games. Top Stellar gambling siteshave incorporated this game into the list of their offers immediately. Since many casinosnowadays accept cryptocurrencies, Stellar XLM has become more recognizable. Blackjack has simple rules. That is why many people choose this game to try their fate. Ad this game is more favorable for gamers than other games.

Stellar Roulette

This is the second most popular game among casino adherents. That is why each top XLM gambling sitetries to make it accessible for those players who prefer XLM as a payment option. Many casino facilities make Stellar compatible with different types of Roulette: classic, American, or others. You should check the rules of each because they are slightly different.

Stellar Baccarat

Those who would like to deposit money with the Stellar crypto will have to do a little search because not all casinos may offer Baccarat. However, the situation is changing, and more game providers are implementing this game into their list because it’s in demand. The rules here are close to Blackjack, but the highest point here is 9.

Stellar Poker

Poker is one of the most popular table games. USA online casinos accepting XLMexperience a high demand for this game. The revenues from online Poker are one of the highest. To win a prize, gamblers should have both good skills and talent. Those who always want to try their fate enjoy Stellar Poker and deposit XLM there without hesitation.

Stellar Slots

If you are ready to deposit with Stellar and would like to try various slot machines or video slots, you will not have any difficulties because there are enough available options. NetEnt ad Microgaming has developed enough slots that are compatible with Stellar XLM. Crypto payment has acquired more popularity, so the number of available slots will increase.

Stellar Live Casino

In the live casino sphere, the presence of cryptocurrencies, such as Stellar, was not so noticeable as in other games. But during the last several years, the situation has slightly changed. Adherents of Stellar gambling are now more focused o games with live dealers because it creates an atmosphere of live presence in the casino facility.

Stellar Sports Betting

Stellar sports betting sitesare becoming more and more popular nowadays. Gamblers like to try their fate and combine it with the attention to their favorite sports games. Lately, several casino providers have allowed providing transactions with cryptocurrency, which significantly varied the market of sports betting. Stellar, together with the other popular cryptocurrencies, has made a revolution in the sports betting sector.

Stellar Casino Bonuses, Promotions & VIP Program

Cryptocurrency transactions are convenient for online casino platforms because it’s easy to process them. This is one of the main factors that enlarge the number of potential users of XLM gambling sites. The number of gamblers is crucial for each casino platform. That is why many casinos implement various bonuses and promotions to attract the attention of a broader audience.

The most well-known bonus is a welcome bonus, which attracts the come of new gamblers. When the newcomer registers at the casino website, they receive a certain number of opportunities that allow starting their game immediately. It is necesary to obtain a bonus code and insert them during the registration. For example, the Wild Casino platform offers a 300% welcome bonus for the first crypto deposit when depositing up to $3,000. Super Slots offer a 400% welcome bonus. So, you may choose casino providers up to your preferences.

The other promotion at Stellar gambling is the absence of crypto withdrawal fees. So, the player will receive everything they win without any deductions. Such does not happen with money-based payments. So, Stellar gambling has many advantages over other types of casinos with different types of payment.

Mobile Stellar Casinos

As we have already underlined, Stellar gaming is possible through the global casino providers that are well-known on the market. The majority of video games can be tried via smartphones. Even if the casino does not have a mobile application, the majority of casino platforms that are compatible with XLM payments are mobile-friendly. That is why each of your plays can be committed from any point in the world. You should just have a stable Internet connection to make deposits and withdrawals.

Many casino game providers have made their games compatible with smartphones. For example, Microgaming has become a pioneer in developing mobile casino games. In 2004, Microgaming created its first mobile casino. When Stellar appeared on the cryptocurrency market, this developer made many of its applications suitable for XLM gambling. The majority of their products are slots, which are highly appreciated by online casino adherents.

There are several similar developers who managed to optimize their online stellar gamblingsites for desktop versions and mobile applications. They include Play’n Go, Quickspin, Yggdrasil Gaming, Vivo Gaming, and several others.

The famous casinos, which belong to the mobile Stellar casino category, are N1 Casino, CampoBet, and BitKings. When registering there, one may receive a welcome bonus of up to $1,000 or the amount equivalent to Stellar.

XLR Cryptocurrency

Conclusion: Why Should Play Crypto Casinos with XLM?

If you have not yet tried the cryptocurrency casino, it may be high time to start it with casinos that accept Stellar.This crypto is not so popular as, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it is highly compatible with many casino games. More and more online casino platforms accept Stellar to cooperate with. As practice shows, Stellar gamblingbrings many advantages when compared to other crypto casinos.

Thus, you should play crypto casinos with XLM because it offers an extremely fast depositing and withdrawal of the funds. Many Stellar casinos do not take fees when you withdraw your winnings. Frankly speaking, it takes, but they are almost unnoticeable – only 0.00001 XLM. XLM is also a flexible coin. That is why you will be able to make different transactions very fast. Maybe because of it, their logo is a rocket. So, if you would like to receive a secure casino experience, deposit XLM and start your favorite casino slots and games immediately with Stellar casinos.


Tell me the meaning of Stellar?

Stellar is a relatively new payment method that is becoming more and more popular in the online casino market. It is a cryptocurrency whose token is XLM. Stellar has a special logo in the form of a rocket. In such a way, they underline the speed and effectiveness of all the deposits and transactions which Stellar offers.

Where can I buy Stellar?

As a cryptocurrency, Stellar is sold in many crypto markets. There are enough places where one may purchase XLM Stellar, but it is necessary to use reputable platforms which have lots of positive reviews and are loyal to customers. Such are Binance, Neteller, and Revolut. There, one can buy and store Stellar as well as other cryptocurrencies.

How can you use Stellar To Gamble?

Stellar gambling works according to the same principle as the other casinos do. It is necessary to deposit the required amount of XLM. The equivalent of XLM should be no less than $20. Withdrawals will also be in Stellar. After that, you will be able to convert it to dollars or other cryptocurrencies.

Tell me the best way to play Stellar?

The best way to play Stellar is to buy Stellar XLM and choose a reputable online casino platform that is compatible with cryptocurrencies. Then, make the first deposits and receive guaranteed welcome bonuses or other loyalties. Chose your favorite slot or casino game and start your journey.

Why do people like to gamble online with Stellar?

People do like to play XLM online gambling because it brings dozens of advantages for the players. It is a rather flexible currency, and it does not take high fees for its financial transactions. They are almost unnoticeable. Their fast transactions are highly appreciated by users.

How to buy crypto for Stellar Casino Gambling?

The process of buying crypto for Stellar casino gambling does not differ from buying it for other purposes. You just have to use one of the crypto exchange platforms and buy the necessary amount of XLM Stellar. Then, you will be able to connect your e-wallet to your chosen casino platform and deposit Stellar there in a few clicks.

What makes a good Stellar Casino?

The number of Stellar casinos is enough. But a good Stellar casino is a somewhat different thing. Such casinos should be licensed. The license underlines the trustworthiness of the casino. Also, a good Stellar casino cares about the safety of its customers. It asks for 2-factor authentification before making any transaction. Also, such a casino has lots of positive reviews, which everybody is encouraged to read.