Postepay Casinos Online

Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal
Best bonuses, many slots, fast withdrawal

At a Postepay online casino, consumers can make quick payments in a secure manner for a modest cost. With this internet service, you may both deposit and withdraw funds. However, Postepay is only available in Italy. You will learn how to fund your gaming account at internet casinos that take Postepay in our tutorial. We’ll go through all of the benefits of utilizing this online money transfer approach to help you compare it with other payment options accessible to internet gamblers. You’ll also be able to discover a list of the best websites in Italy that accept Postepay, compiled by our online gaming experts.

For our recommendations, we’ve only included online casinos that provide users with high-quality games from top software developers in the iGaming industry.

Aside from that, other payment options for Italian web gamblers are mentioned in our online casino reviews. Since this online payment method may be used on smartphones and tablets with ease, we’ll also tell you about the best mobile casinos where you can fund your betting account using Postepay. As well as criteria for evaluating new casino websites that accept Postepay that have been added to the list of the top live dealer platforms that accept this online payment method.

Postepay Casinos for Real Money

Postepay is an online prepaid system that combines the advantages of debit cards with the higher level of security available through e-wallets. The Italian postal service launched this online service in 2003. As a result, it is only accessible in Italy. Because you may make quick deposits and withdrawals at Postepay casinos without paying hefty fees, the popularity of this payment method is growing among local web gamblers. As a result, the number of internet Postepay casino sites has increased dramatically.

You must first register with this service before engaging in gambling transactions at Postepay’s online casino sites. To do so, you will need to supply your Identification and Italian tax identification number. You may apply for a Postepay card at any post office oron the official website of this online payment company. When you join Postepay, you will receive a MasterCard, Visa, or Visa Electron card. Plastic or virtual prepaid cards are available. They may be loaded at post offices with a 14,000-post limit or ATMs with a 4,500-limit. The amount of money that you can move each day varies depending on the type of Postepay card. Users can have up to three such cards at once.

Aside from that, when using Postepay to make gaming transactions at online casinos, you will receive the highest level of security. The 3d Secure system is used to safeguard your online money transfers at websites that accept Postepay. This method involves providing you with a One Time Password to authenticate your transaction. It’s also worth noting that your Postepay card will not be linked to any bank account. In addition, the website of this service is protected by TLS encryption, which means that the data you submit there will not be shared with third parties.

How to Deposit at Postepay Casinos?

Postpay casinos accept deposits in a straightforward manner. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided below:

  • You will need to register with Postpay at first. The verification procedure might take up to a few days. You’ll also be charged a €5 deposit.
  • Then, go to the Postepay casino’s Cashier page and choose this service among other available online payment options. If you don’t see Postepay itself in the list of acceptable online payment methods, you can pick MasterCard or Visa.
  • You may only use a credit card to purchase Bitcoin. You will be taken to the Postepay page after you enter the amount you wish to transfer, and then you must provide the card number, expiration date, and CVV security code to validate your online transaction.

When you make deposits at online casinos that take Postepay for gambling transactions, your cash will be sent to your account as soon as you finish the steps below.

When you make a Postepay deposit, the casino will usually not charge any fees. In some cases, however, small amounts of money ranging from €0.30 to €1 may be charged depending on the type of Postepay card you have. In most situations, the minimal amount that can be deposited using your Postepay account is €10. It must also be mentioned that when you play at an online casino, Postepay only allows you to contribute in euros.

As you can see, Postepay may be a fantastic payment method for Internet gamblers in Italy. We’ll go over what casinos accept Postepay in Italy and what sort of bonuses they provide in the coming parts.

How to Withdraw from Postepay Casinos?

With Postepay, you may withdraw money from a casino straight to your bank account. This online payment method allows you to cash out at an online casino with a Postepay withdrawal option. You should first verify the limits of your card before using it at an online casino with a Postepay withdrawal option. It’s important to remember that each type of Postepay card has its own limit on the maximum amount of money that can be kept on it. It’s also worth noting that when using Postepay, the time it takes to withdraw funds is between 2 and 5 business days.

Advantages of Using Postepay as Deposit Methods

It should be clear to you by now that when Italian online gamblers make their gambling transactions at the top Postepay casinos, they may reap a slew of advantages. We’ve collected all of the benefits of using Postepay for online casinos below so you can get a comprehensive picture:

  • Instant payments can be made at Postpay casino sites. You won’t have to wait hours to begin playing.
  • Payouts may also be made at online gambling sites that accept Postepay deposits. This is a significant benefit because you don’t have to hunt for another online payment option to withdraw your funds.
  • Postepay provides safe and secure money transfers. When you use this online payment option to make deposits and withdrawals, the most up-to-date security measures are used.
  • Postepay will not sell, distribute, or share your confidential personal banking information with third parties.
  • This technique does not charge any costs when making online gambling purchases, and they are fairly insignificant.
  • Mobile devices make it simple to access Postepay services.
  • MyCards is a great feature that allows you to personalize the functionality of your Postpay card for a better online gambling experience and avoid overpaying.

Aside from the benefits listed above, there are some drawbacks to utilizing this online payment system. For example, Postepay gambling transactions can only be done in euro. This online payment method is only accessible in Italy. It might take you days to register an account with Postepay and pay a €5 fee to begin using it.

Postepay Casino Bonuses

At a PostePay casino, bonuses are frequently given to players in the same way that they are at any other gaming site. Bonuses are one of the primary reasons why online gambling is so appealing when compared to casino games played at physical locations.

There are several sorts of welcome bonuses that one may receive after joining an online casino that accepts Postepay as a payment option for deposits:

  • Deposits are matched when you make a first deposit at an online casino with Postepay. Deposit match bonuses are determined by the size of your initial deposit, such as if you see that a 100% deposit match bonus up to €500 is available at an online gaming site that accepts Postepay. If you put down more money, you will receive the same $ 500.
  • The most popular types of bonus money on the internet are no-deposit bonuses. You don’t have to put any money into your online gambling account to earn this sort of gifts. All you have to do is join up at a Postepay online casino that provides these sorts of incentives. It’s also worth noting that the amount of free cash provided in this case is significantly lower than if you took advantage of a deposit match bonus.

At an online casino, the Postepay bonus is sometimes given to Italian web gamblers just for using this efficient prepaid card system. However, before claiming any type of casino bonus offers, one should first carefully review their terms and conditions. In addition to that, there are many sorts of gaming restrictions that may be included in a bonus T&Cs.

  • Wagering restrictions are the most essential gambling limitations to search for while perusing the bonus terms and conditions on a Postepay online casino’s website. If a 30x wagering requirement is stated for a €100 bonus, it means you’ll have to wager €3000 before withdrawing anything. In other words, you must stake 30 times the money that your Postepay online casino provider has given to you for free before being eligible for your winnings. It is always suggested to stick to only those bonuses with low wagering requirements.
  • You’ll also need to make it clear when and how you’ll spend your bonus money. Time constraints may be established so that you don’t lose your bonus money if you don’t use it within a certain period of time.
  • The bonus money may be used to play any game designated on the list that is permitted.

To summarize, there are several compelling reasons to take a bonus while playing at an online casino that accepts Postepay as payment. Bonuses may significantly boost your casino earnings. At the same time, you should not forget to study the terms and conditions of any particular offer before taking it. Every beautifully designed welcome package will come with its own set of limits that you should understand in advance.


Is it safe to use Postepay for online gambling?

Yes, Postepay is a secure payment method that can be used for online gambling. The website uses SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information. In addition, you can set up a PIN number to further secure your account.

Can I use Postepay at any online casino?

No, not all online casinos accept Postepay as a payment method. However, there are many reputable gaming sites that do support this payment option.

What are the fees associated with using Postepay?

There is a €5 fee to register for an account with Postepay. In addition, you may be charged a fee by the online casino when making a deposit or withdrawal. However, these fees will vary depending on the site you are using.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit with Postepay?

The minimum deposit amount will depend on the online casino you are using. However, most gaming sites will allow you to make a minimum deposit of €10.