Many people enjoy the game of CSGO roulette. It’s simple to do, and it uses the same logic as traditional roulette with a few distinctions. You may wager on one of three colors: red, black, or green. The payout is doubled if you bet on red or black, but GREEN pays 14 times more than that.

There’s a higher probability of winning if you pick red or black, but given the bigger winnings, it’s difficult to resist taking advantage of this. Despite the appearance that the best strategy on roulette CS:GO is simple to execute, without a strategy, you may find yourself losing money over and over again.

Making Money Playing CSGO Roulette With Skins

Many people who play CSGO gambling aim to obtain enough points to purchase fresh CSGO skins with their winnings. However, many of them lose what they have. A smart plan may assist you recover from your losses and turn a profit.

A strategy can help you avoid losses, but it also gives you small wins that are big enough to offset the losses and provide significant profits. We’ll show you some of the most tested methods that have been proven to be effective.

CS:GO roulette

Martingale Strategy

Follow this roulette strategy and start betting larger whenever you lose until you win. You reduce your bet by a specific amount after obtaining a victory. This method works for both CSGO crashes and roulette, although it performs best if you bet on black or red when playing roulette. That’s because the chances of getting red or black are greater.

The double down approach is a very popular CSGO roulette strategy. To make a profit, you’ll need to be patient with this technique. Don’t get discouraged if you lose several wagers in a row. Keep raising your bet until you achieve victory. However, this method will need a large sum of money to succeed. You may use our referral codes to get free coins on any CSGO roulette website. Choose any site that offers roulette and claim free coins using one of our referral codes.

Fibonacci Strategy

If you want to reduce your risk, the Fibonacci sequence is a good option. Instead of increasing the stake by a precise amount, you use the Fibonacci series to increase the value by one with each successive wager until you win.

The Fibonacci series is built by adding the previous two numbers to get the next one in the sequence. The following is a representation of this series: 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 -144-233. There’s a reduced possibility of making mistakes and it’s still quite effective using this method.

Even if you win every third and fourth wager, you will still make a healthy profit with this technique. Because the betting amount does not increase by a fixed amount, it is safer. It rises gradually.

What happens if you win a bet? Then you move back by two numbers in the sequence. So, if you win with a score of 13, your next wager should be 5. If you lose, you’ll go to the next number in the series. However, if you win, you will move backwards two places. This ensures that you continue to be profitable overall. Even if you lose more bets than wins, as long as you follow the Fibonacci sequence for each subsequent wager, it is still possible to come out profitable using this method.

Labouchere Strategy

This is not the approach for novices. It’s a little more complicated, but it can provide outstanding results. So, you begin by drawing a betting line. A betting line is made up of a series of numbers such as -2-2-2-2-2-2-, which is simply 5 numbers long. This isn’t a difficult betting line to draw; all you have to do is pick whatever number you like and how long your line should be.

After drawing a line, add the first and last numbers to compute the betting value. In this example, you’d combine 2+2 and wager 4 funds. If you win the bet, erase the first and last values from the betting line and begin again. So, now you wager 4 funds once more.

If you win, don’t delete any numbers; instead, add your present betting amount to the last number on the line. So, for example, if you win the first time but lose the second time, your betting line will be something like -2-2-2-6-. The next wager would be 8.

D’Alembert Strategy

The Alembert Strategy is the most safe way to bet roulette when compared to the Fibonacci strategy. When it comes to betting roulette, there will always be a certain element of danger, but with this method, your chances of winning money are considerably greater.

This method is also straightforward to understand and utilize. You may start with any amount you choose. Increase the betting amount by 1 each time you win a bet, and reduce the overall amount by 1 each time you lose a wager. Although this technique appears similar to Martingale, it is a far more secure variation of it.

If you win and lose with equal frequency using this method, you will still profit. This may be a good place to start playing the best CS:GO roulette strategy for those who are new to the game. For this method, pick either red or black.


It is always preferable to have a betting strategy rather than making spontaneous bets. You don’t want to let your emotions get in the way and lose money. A large number of people have tested these methods. There’s no such thing as a guarantee that any technique will work, but having a solid plan can really enhance your chances of success.

A strategy doesn’t eliminate losses, but it increases your winnings above your losses. As a result, the amount of money remaining after gaming is greater than before. Gambling is dangerous since it exposes users to the risk of losing money; therefore, it’s always best to employ a time-tested technique.