Value Plus Services

Our “Value Plus” Services are all custom engagements designed to support your specific needs and goals. Typically, these engagements are somewhat greater in scope than our “Quick Values,” yet both the term and scope are customized to satisfy your requirements:

These are some of the areas where Recovery Specialties can assist you:

Storage Consolidation and Technology Uplifts

Time to consolidate your mainframe storage? Are you nearing the end of lease (end of life?) on your current storage platforms? Addressing constraints on the horizon? Not sure what the best course of action is based on your specific business requirements?

Recovery Specialties can help!

Storage is evolving much faster than the typical lease term. The solution that you implemented 3-5 years ago may no longer be meeting all of your needs. Recovery Specialties can assist you in your design and implementation of a new storage environment. We can help you to determine the level of storage consolidation that is appropriate for your environment as well as plan and support your data migrations.

High Availability Design, Planning and Implementation Support:

By partnering with Recovery Specialties, we will help you to identify methods, techniques and strategies that that are customized to satisfy your organization’s high availability requirements. All feasible options are explored including hardware, software and procedural elements to identify the appropriate combination that meets your availability needs.

In order to provide automatic failover and additional resiliency, potential solutions could include new hardware/architecture-oriented strategies such as:

The move to an internal recovery solution is a tremendous paradigm shift for most organizations. With technical and project assistance from Recovery Specialties, we can ease this transition by helping you implement the solution that is appropriate for your environment to satisfy your Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective at the least possible cost.

We can design and help your staff to implement and support the disk and tape solutions that are correct for your enterprise. By partnering directly with your storage vendors and circuit providers, your IT and BCP staffs, we can avoid any miscommunication that would otherwise lead to increased costs and project delays. This is accomplished by providing strong technical guidance while being your advocate on the project team and looking out for your interests.

Data Center Moves & Data Migrations

Moving your data center? Some of your data and applications? Recovery Specialties can assist you in the planning and coordination of these efforts. By leveraging our experience in data replication and channel extension, we can help you to meet your goals and avoid costs by ensuring that nothing is overlooked and that the project moves forward in a reasonable and timely fashion.

Project re-vitalization (or getting things moving again)

Sometimes an IT organization will begin a major project or implementation and for one reason or another, the project will seem to lose momentum before it is completed. This can be evidenced by project delays and creeping costs or other factors that are reported to IT management.

There can be many factors that contribute to this kind of occurrence, but just to name a few:

Recovery Specialties can step in and help you revitalize the project. By providing additional technical support and a fresh viewpoint, we can help get things moving again.

The technical consultant from Recovery Specialties will bring fresh ideas and a renewed interest and excitement to the project. There may be several innovative technical solutions that can be implemented bringing successes to the project and project team. By building on these successes, the overall project will be completed to your satisfaction.

No matter what your specific needs are, we believe that Recovery Specialties can help reduce implementation time and project costs while focusing on quality standards; a technical consultant works with you and your staff to develop technical specifications or satisfy implementation requirements for your custom solution.

Knowledge Transfer

Recovery Specialties is committed to knowledge transfer from our consultants to your permanent IT staff. We achieve a successful knowledge transfer by partnering with your staff, building relationships and fostering an environment where the knowledge transfer can occur naturally throughout the life of the engagement. Through this active partnering, Recovery Specialties can focus on providing the high-value services you require while at the same time mentoring your staff throughout the engagement.

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