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Successful implementation and maintenance of storage solutions is the foundation that supports Business today. Today's competitive business environment demands using the best and most cost effective products available while engaging the most qualified service providers.

Protecting your IT investment and ensuring Business Continuity in the event of a Disaster requires that you build upon today's storage infrastructure while adding the appropriate levels of resilience, fault-tolerance and recoverability. Often, this requires additional attention, knowledge and expertise.

Recovery Specialties can assist your organization with an engagement suited to your immediate needs by providing quick, impartial and vendor-neutral analysis of your current environment; review of your immediate plans, or longer engagements designed specifically to meet your business and recovery objectives.

"Quick Value" Services:

Value Plus Services:

A consultant from Recovery Specialties offers many years of experience supporting complex IT solutions, including:

Recovery Specialties can help you to gain a complete understanding of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity preparedness by performing an impartial review of your current plans and environment, identifying any gaps and risks in your current process and help you to achieve an appropriate and cost effective level of high availability.

Recovery Specialtiesí expertise combined with partnerships of software and hardware developers provides the assurance that your storage environment is efficient, reliable, operating at optimal capacity, and recoverable.

For each and every engagement, the consultant from Recovery Services shares their experiences gained via real-world successes to extend the capabilities of your staff while leveraging your storage and other vendor resources. This provides the unique benefit of ensuring that your goals are met without relying exclusively on resources supplied by your hardware vendors. This, in turn, fortifies the entire process by bridging any gaps, providing additional experience and continuity to the process and provides more opportunity for knowledge and skills transfer to your staff.

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