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ESS Enterprise Storage Server
PPRC Peer to Peer Remote Copy
PPRC/XD Peer to Peer Remote Copy/Extended Distance
VSM Virtual Storage Manager
VTS Virtual Tape Server

Here you will find important information about various storage solutions and advanced recovery facilities that support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions for the z/OS large systems environment. Unlike other resources, the information presented here is compiled from multiple sources by technicians that are experienced with the subject and presented in a vendor-neutral fashion.

Information regarding various solutions supporting both Disk and Tape replication are discussed here plus additional information important to both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery issues.

Disk Information
FlashCopy FlashCopy is an IBM feature supported on Enterprise Storage Servers that facilitates nearly instantaneous Point in Time copies of entire logical volumes or data sets.
Global Copy Global Copy for ESS (PPRC/XD) is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery tool that supports disk mirroring over great distances. It is an alternative mirroring approach to Metro Mirror operations.
Global Mirror Global Mirror for ESS (Asynchronous PPRC) and Global Mirror for z/Series (XRC) are asynchronous disk mirroring methods for Enterprise Storage Servers and z/OS hosts.
Metro Mirror Metro Mirror for ESS (Synchronous PPRC) operates as a feature of the IBM ESS to provide Disk Mirroring functionality between two ESSs.
Tape Information
A Brief History of Tape A brief discussion of the role that tape has played in the large systems environment. Since the introduction of tape in 1952 as the first viable high capacity storage device, it continues to grow and evolve today.
The role of Tape for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Tape and Virtual Tape Libraries continue to play an important role for both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.
Remote Tape Vaulting for Disaster Recovery Remote Tape Vaulting consists of creating backup data directly in a remote location for Disaster Recovery.
Peer-to-Peer (PtP) VTS IBM's Peer-to-Peer VTS solution for true tape mirroring.
Clustered VTSS Clustered VTSS from Sun/STK is a performance and availability solution that utilizes the STK VSM.
Additional Information
The Data Consistency Problem What is the Backup / Data Consistency problem I keep hearing about and why do I care?
The 7-Tiers of Disaster Recovery A description of the "Seven Tiers of Disaster Recovery" and how they relate to costs and the Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives.

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