Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

Ethics Policy

The purpose for this Ethics Policy is to support a culture of trust, integrity and professionalism in all Recovery Specialties, LLC management and business practices. A well-understood ethics policy requires the participation and support of every Recovery Specialties manager, employee and consulting resource.

At Recovery Specialties, LLC we are dedicated to working with our employees, business partners, vendors and Clients to provide quality IT services in support of our Client’s needs.

We are committed to the responsible use of both Recovery Specialties and Client assets, to provide accurate, complete and objective information, to respect the confidentiality of financial, technical and proprietary company information and other information deemed to be confidential, to act in good faith and exercise due care in all we do, to comply with all rules and regulations and to proactively promote ethical behavior.

The Recovery Specialties, LLC’s Code of Ethics is built on recognized corporate values. As such, we acknowledge our individual responsibility to ensure our collective success by practicing and promoting the following values. These values reflect a shared view of how we want to operate and be seen by others.

Our Values


We pursue our mission with honor, fairness and respect for the individual, ever mindful that there is no “right way” to do the “wrong thing.” We uphold these values in every action and decision. We are committed to act in good faith, to comply with the rule of law, policies and regulations.


We remain dedicated to our Clients and our cause. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and integrity to support our Clients’ needs. We are committed to discovery and continuous improvement in developing and implementing our programs, products, and services.


We believe that striving to be the best in our work, our relationships, our ideas and our services is the greatest demonstration of our pledge to Client satisfaction. We are determined to do the best at what matters most. Our success depends on our staffs’ ability to deliver the consistent level of excellence expected by all who rely on us.


We value our Clients, partners, and staff and treat all with the respect due individuals. We operate in a supportive climate and trust in which each of us fully grants others respect and cooperation.


In an effort to support our mission, we are willing to take prudent risks while striving for success rather than accept the status quo. We strive to be proactive, innovative and creative in all we do.

Code of Ethics

The summary code of ethics includes the following provisions: Recovery Specialties, LLC managers, employees and business partners must:

Our People

Recovery Specialties is committed to provide a work environment that values diversity, commitment and integrity among its staff and business partners. We believe that client goals can best be served by providing an environment where every individual has the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Employees and supplemental staff are provided opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or disability. These policies apply to both applicants and employees in all phases of employment including, recruiting, hiring, placement, training, development, transfer, promotion, demotion, performance reviews, compensation, benefits, and separation from employment.

We will evaluate how we are living up to our code of ethics by requesting feedback on a regular basis from our employees, supplemental contractors and Clients. The process of evaluating this feedback allows us to gage the effectiveness of our support to clients as well as provide our stakeholders a mechanism to review conduct on an ongoing basis.

Our Clients

We are dedicated to 100 percent Client satisfaction. We are devoted to developing “Client enthusiasm” and are passionate about exceeding Client expectations. We dedicate ourselves to anticipating the changing needs of Clients and creating timely, innovative and superior programs, products, and services.

Conflict of Interest

The underlying principle of “conflict of interest” is that managers, employees and supplemental resources must avoid any activity, investment, or interest that might reflect unfavorably on the reputation of the Recovery Specialties, LLC and its Clients.

As representatives of the Recovery Specialties, LLC, managers, employees and supplemental resources are obligated to place the interest of the Clients and Recovery Specialties, ahead of any personal interest or personal gain, and to disclose all facts in any situation where a potential conflict of interest may arise.

Employees and supplemental resources are expected to seek clarification of and discuss any questions about potential conflict of interest with their immediate supervisor or a Recovery Specialties Manager.

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