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Recovery Specialties assists z/OS and other large enterprise clients with the design and implementation of storage solutions including data replication over distance and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes.

We can provide our clients an independent analysis and design assessment of their disk and tape storage systems from a dispassionate point of view. As part of our engagement, we can validate that your storage resource is functioning as expected without any unidentified constraints or single points of failure.

We offer an extensive background in both synchronous and asynchronous disk mirroring technologies. We can help with Metro Mirror (Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy or PPRC), Global Mirror (Asynchronous PPRC), Global Copy (PPRC/XD) and Global Mirror for z/Series (Extended Remote Copy or XRC) design, education, testing and implementation. This service can optionally be extended to consultancy relative to the full scope of disaster protection, with or without Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS).

In addition, we can assist with the design and implementation of complex tape environments that will support your current business needs as well as provide enhanced business continuity. This can be accomplished with tape mirroring over any distance, remote tape, remote tape vaulting or a combination of technologies.

Our highly trained specialists assist you by bringing their experience gained via real-world successes and extend the capabilities of your organizations staff while leveraging your storage and other vendors resources. This provides the unique benefit of ensuring that your goals are met without needing to rely solely on your storage vendor's technical resources. We also facilitate knowledge transfer and provide an additional level of support while affording you your desired level of control throughout the engagement.

Recovery Specialties, LLC:  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting Services
Recovery Specialties, LLC
Enterprise Storage Solutions,
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consulting
for z/OS environments

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Recovery Specialties, LLC
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